Trump declares houses of worship essential service

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  • niknak

    I will tell you my testimony.

    I work in a hospital. I go into suspected and positive cover-19 rooms all the time. At one point I was very ill. Could hardly breathe. I had all symptoms on Covid-19 except the fever. I still continued to work because they refused to test me and/or quarantine me. At one point I was told to take off my mask because they didn't want to panic the patients and visitors. That was right when my lungs felt the worse. I realized that the enemy was trying hard to put me into a vulnerable position. That is when I took my mask off, said out loud "my LORD is my refuge" from Psalm 91, and I notified my manager. She then sent me home early. I went home, prayed, studied the word, asked God to help me cause I'm the only income for my family, and bam! No lie, within the time from then til my next shift next day, my lungs were opening up. I went to work the next day spreading the gospel and reading Psalm 91 to many of the RNs and everyone I could to encourage them and they received the Word! They felt better and told me how much they appreciate me and my faith in God. With everyone I spoke to about God I felt better and better. I got my antibody test done and Bam! ALL CLEAR! Never had it! Lungs are clearer then ever and I have been working in all kinds of conditions with these patients who are positive. My family is covered and all is well.

    My faith is in the promises God gave and the words that Jesus spoke! I am a Jesus follower. I work with MANY JWs, and would NEVER know it, cause unless they are dressed up and have a WT in their hands, they don't EVER speak about Jehovah. Mind you we work in a hospital that allows you to pray for people and I even hand out bibles to patients at times. I pray for patients and their families and I share my testimony and scripture all the time. They all know me as the Lab girl that believes in the LORD and has faith and love for everyone. I am so honored and humbled by my ability to be known as such. I take no credit for anything I do. I give all glory to God and thank Jesus for leading me there. People say "your good". I say "no, God is good. I take no credit". The patients always smile and thank me for my services.

    I am til this day the only Phlebotomist in the Hospital that patients are happy to see. I have been able to draw blood from the most violent patients to the most ill patients with "no veins" so they say. I pray before I go into the rooms and I ask Jesus to help when I don't think I can do it and He helps me every time. God is possible of ANYTHING and He knows EVERYTHING. Don't limit Him. Don't deny Him the great glory that He is and worship Him always. He has made Himself known in my life. I will not deny Him or His love and PROTECTION over me and my household. As long as I continue to do his will.

  • niknak

    The reason I shared my testimony is because I believe that everyone should have faith. But obviously LOVE thy neighbor. So, if you love you will not put people at risk. If you don't feel well, stay home. keep your distance and still wear a mask when in places with more people than normal as a Curtis for others. God DOES PROTECT his people. Psalm 91 makes that clear. Pray constantly and have that personal relationship so that you can be in tune with the spirit and hear when God is speaking to you. You can be cautious and Faithful. If you want to attend the church building to worship do so but do it smart cause I have seen patients with no symptoms whatsoever and they were positive. I am grateful I never got it. Doesn't mean I never will cause this is my new norm but I believe the Word and I have faith. God got me.

    God bless you all!

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Anyway....back to the topic. Trumps Declares Houses of Worship Essential Service

    I thought according to JW's, the Government would be turning on Religions in the last days. In this case, it is calling it "essential and encouraging religion services to resume. Of course we know it is election time so I'm sure Mr. T is wanting the churchgoers on his side come voting time.

  • jp1692

    That’s fine, God will protect his own!

    Everyone else is a Darwin Award Contestant!

  • littlerockguy

    tRump also declared that injecting/ingesting bleach will cure Covid-19! Crazy people say crazy things!

    just saying!


    Why are you spreading lies and things that are untrue? The above quote you typed reveals more about you than who you are talking about.


  • LV101

    I don't understand how churches can social distance unless very few members show up. Churches offer much today - everything from AA to WW (Weight Watchers), every kind of counseling imaginable with professional therapists on board to help people. These are difficult times -- whatever helps people with life and through this is essential but I'm not saying it's safe.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    If I can go to Walmart and stand around with hundreds of strangers, why couldn't I go to church with dozens of friends.

    If we're the same distance I stay from the cashier and other customers at Walmart, which is within handshaking distance, what's the problem.

    If you don't agree, why does Walmart and Home Depot get to stay open but my hair place and churches and restaurants can't?

    If you're sick or high risk stay home, the rest of us need to build immunity so the other people don't get sick, staying away if you're young and healthy is like not vaccinating at this point. And unless you have N95+ masks and full face shields and gloves, you're going to catch whatever is near.

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot
    Anony Mous2 hours ago

    If I can go to Walmart and stand around with hundreds of strangers, why couldn't I go to church with dozens of friends?

    Because at walmart you don't have people singing loudly right next to to and standing so near that they spit on you when they talk!

  • waton

    One reason that I like church/kh goers to go back to their haunts is:

    to get their awful faces, blabber out of our sacred homes.

  • niknak

    I know a lot of people may feel some type of way about this situation and Trumps motives behind him saying churches are essential. The fact of the matter when Keeping the Word of God in mind is that for that one person none of y'all would dare to invite to your homes for edification that the congregating of spiritual groups provides, the church buildings are completely essential. Remember that in scripture he says he leaves the 99 to find the 1. So, for those who don't agree, stay home. Keep in mind that He loves us all and if He needs to use someone in office to declare that church building are essential, it is because of the reasons you do not see and trust that what the enemy meant for evil God is and will and can and does turn it for good if it is in line with His will. So, maybe as followers of Christ and believers of the word, you should be more worried about the word directing all of your steps and have more faith.

    the Bible explains that Paul got bit by the snake but he did not die. So, always remember that He doesn't say He is going to protect you from the bite but He does protect you from the venom. So, don't let fear direct your steps. Let the Holy Spirit do that. God is good all the time. So, lets not be so ignorant as to say that people who are walking in faith are crazy. For they thought the same thing about the people on the day of Pentecost yet they were on a spiritual level that some of us can only dream of because our doubt and lack of faith keeps us from reaching what God has for us. We are our own worst enemies at time.

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