Be Bold Circult assembly

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  • Rattigan350

    At the 2018-2019 Be Bold Circult assembly yesterday. Yes, curcult, change the I to an L. Because when they have 2 demonstrations about youths not going to University and another talk says for adults at work to Be Bold and refuse birthday treats being given away, it shows so much pettiness and lack of real concern for the people.

    I was actually looking forward to the CA because a week before tornadoes went through our circuit and passed 2 miles by a Kingdom Hall and less than 1 mile by another that had meetings that afternoon. I was expecting the Circult overseer to give a report on it. But NO. Nothing was said other than the opening prayer. It was just the scripted ministry encouragement. The president of the USA came out to visit the area, but the elders didn't even reach out asking about well being nor the Circuit overseer. Many local and far away churches assisted in the disaster relief. I didn't see any Witnesses (other than me) volunteering. But if the Regional Building committee directed something, then they would be all out there. But to just help their neighbors...

    Another interested part was the accounts report. There was $10,000 in expenses and those expenses were split between the maintenance and repairs of the assembly hall and for all of the assembly halls in the world. That's a new one to me. Has anyone else heard this? When they read this they had a deficiet of $4000.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Be Bold. HA!

    Like standing back from your literature cart, just counting time and not bothering anybody.

  • nowwhat?

    Yep, can't veer off script for 2 minutes to give info on the welfare of the brothers!

  • john.prestor
    How much bolder can you get than saying no to cupcakes? That's true bravery right there.
  • stuckinarut2

    There is sadly never any variation from the scripted material...for fear that some brother may say things that are not approved by the GB

  • zeb

    Tornados. It used the annoy me when some local matter could have should have been programmed it was all the same spiel. The popes in NY have no concept of any life outside their country their state their little world.

  • WTWizard

    Not going to college? Refusing items that may be associated with a birthday? About college, yes they are debt traps for many and they teach political correctness to excess (and practice it to excess, too). But you have to participate in this scam in order to have a chance of a decent job--that is why this scam continues (there is no reason why it costs so much to get information that one could get online for less than 10% of the cost, if not for free, aside from showing employers that you will not challenge the status quo).

    And refusing things associated with holidays or birthdays can lead to major problems. Does anyone know how many things may be associated with these things, even if they are not usually so? Cake and ice cream? (Aside your ice cream money belongs to joke-hova.) Getting toys? Colored lights? A tree? Ham? Turkey? Sweet potatoes? Onions? Pies? What is there to eat that is not associated with some holiday? Nothing. Even dried legumes are associated with Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican holiday. I suppose they are simply to starve to death because they might be doing something associated with some holiday.

    Well, I have some bad news for them. Even that waste of time that is coming up soon has pagan origins. That yearly gathering is based on the lunar cycle, so effectively anyone going to that wastefest to pass that plate of stale crackers and glass of spoiled grape juice is worshiping the moon. So I suppose that, too, should be banned?

  • smiddy3

    They always have a deficit regardless of how much profit they make, me think its amazing

  • eyeuse2badub

    Be Bold?

    Most jw's are "chicken sh*t". Fear dominates most of them! Guess they don't really believe that jehober will help them out when they need it!

    just saying!

  • stillMS

    I've been to this assembly recently - though, I haven't payed much attention to what was said there (used the time to read some book on my phone). There was still some BS that caught my attention - like saying persecution in Russia will help brothers improve their personality/qualities, also there were some warnings about not following our friends/elders/family members who leave the borg.

    All in all - same ol' BS.

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