Do WT Publications Make Us Feel Unworthy, Unlovable and Helpless?

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  • stillin

    Tort1500, Personally, I find myself becoming more cynical because I resist those emotional tugs that the WTS does in their videos, etc. If those videos were the only source of information, and I resisted the manipulation, I WOULD be a cynic! But there are a lot of other sources, and causes and meaningful, visible things that are worthwhile surrogates for the same feelings that WTS seeks to produce in us. And I allow myself to be swayed by other voices. No guilt. I'll resist the guilt thing every time. I'm not a bad person. I know that.

    Hey, I was "all in" as a Witness. Now I feel stupid, but not guilty.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    You may want to also search the publications for the word, "behooves ".... as in, "... it behooves us to..." or "... should we not feel behooved to..." etc.

    I look forward to seeing or hearing more about your research project.

  • hoser

    As a born in, being told that I was unworthy was my "normal". Only after checking out of the jehovahs Witness cult mentally did I realize how deranged this organization really is.

  • tor1500


    I do the same thing. I see those videos and say what a scam to get our money and loyalty. The WT has some good points but they are not the only points.

    To me religion/spirituality is like this. You don't close your mind to other ideas of doctrine because that is all it is. Mans idea of what God wants. They call it interpretation. We humans wear and use different brands of makeup, clothing etc to make us or something complete.

    It is good to listen to other voices. Keep what you need and toss what you don't out.

    I love your last sentence. Now you feel stupid but not guilty. Great mindset. You can't undo the past but you can do something about now and the future.

    Many witnesses think they are in the right place. Some of us know, nope this is not it. Sometimes you have to let the lowly feel lowly because dome folks don't feel good unless they feel bad.


  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    The whole notion of Christianity is to accept that you are a slave. Born diseased and imperfect with an incurable condition that only Christianity can restore. It's like we've been sold this faulty product (life, according to JW teachings) and need to constantly go back to the religion for repairs forever. There's a word for people who sell you something dud so that you'll be dependent on their services for the rest of your lives: it's called a con artist. A scammer.

    Even the Return to Jehovah booklet targeting those who have left the organization is riddled with six or so reasons for why anyone would have left - all of which are degrading and blame the person who has left for their "imperfect" attitudes. Not one of those reasons stated in the brochure include "Perhaps You've Grown Tired of Being Lied to". That would have made a good chapter.

  • jp1692

    @Wake Me Up: I agree that the whole, "you're a slave/sinner" thing is a damaging notion. The reason I specifically asked for quotes from WT literature is that many Christian denominations have become mainstream and no longer harp on those ideas from the bible. I'm well acquainted with what a twisted, sick document the bible is. But my current research is not focused on Christianity per se or the bible in particular; it is on cults.

    Cults have specific ways of using whatever is their ideology to control and manipulate people. Again, this is why I've asked for specific quotes from WT literature.

    I have not seen the "Return to Jehovah" booklet, but have read excerpts from it posted here when it was released. From what I recall it seemed more designed to placate JWs that do NOT leave and to keep them in line more than in claimed effort at "bringing lost sheep back to the fold."

    I was an elder for two decades in several congregations and in my experience the rhetoric about trying to "save lost sheep" (inactive, disfellowshipped and/or disassociated ones) is all window dressing. Several times I asked other elders in other congregations about their efforts to do this. (You may or may not know the WTBTS directs elders to make a concerted effort to contact DF'd people once per year). It was obvious from all of the elders I talked to that no congregation (including my own) really took this admonition very seriously.

    @Muddy Waters, sheesh, just reading the word "behooves" makes me nauseous!

    @dubstepped: I'm not sure I can bring myself to search for specific quotes

    I feel your pain!

    @tor1500, I have noticed exactly what you observed. It’s really hard to tease out a scientific answer to the question of whether cults attract people with mental illnesses or cause them. The intuitive answer is, as you commented, both. And it is almost certainly correct. But it is a difficult thing to prove scientifically as I am attempting.

    I also agree that the WTBTS, like all cults, no their target audience and prey on them with a conscious and deliberate methodology.

  • stuckinarut2

    As has been often said, there is that classic "cake tin" illustration that the society has well used.

    We are like cakes that come out of a dented cake tin. With built in "dents" that only God can restore etc...blah blah.

    That is bound to produce a feeling of worthlessness.

  • jp1692

    Hi Stuck! I've heard that "half-baked" illustration several too-many times! (Do you see what I did there?)

    I think you'd have to be "dense" to fall for it.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    If you feel good it must be bad. If you feel bad it must be good. Is this what is meant by feeling unworthy, unlovable and helpless? Then yes this is what the WT publications always have taught. Still Totally ADD

  • Irishdub

    When I found out that all my efforts of attending 5 meetings a week and field service on Saturdays (knocking on neighbors' doors) was all worthless, since that only got me through the TRIB, and then I had to hang out with elders for 1000 years and another personal test against satan ...I mean hang out with the elders for 1000 years .!!!!

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