Jehovahs Witnesses and Babylon The Great.Why the Emphasis on the R.C.Church and not on Islam.

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  • smiddy

    B.B. my experience with the WT ,going back to the 1960`s was that they always had an article or two every year against the R.C.Church maybe i was more attuned to it because my brother in law was a staunch catholic and we used to have long discussions about religion.

    Two things that stand out to me as far as the WT was against the R.C.Church was an article in the WT dealing with "The chief cornerstone " of religion and it dealt with the claim of the church `s claim to the apostle Peter.

    And of course the WT`s response that it was a foundation built on a dubious foundation.

    The other one that sticks in my mind was an article that stated that the R.C.Church was the dominant member of Christendom that all other christian religions sprung from and that they had a Pope who they claimed was the Vicar of christ on earth

    And while they spoke about christendom it was always as I remember it as the R.C.Church as the principle opponent of Christ jesus kingdom.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    but the initial rise of Islam was actually far more impressive - don't forget blood-soaked and violent (see below).

    At the same time Arab traders criss-crossed Asia, and helped the spread of Islam - traders may have played a part but let's not be naïve ... Mujahidin (Muslim armies) were the single biggest factor in the spread of Islam.

    And Islamic scholars preserved much of the wisdom of ancient Greece - there's a word for this: cultural appropriation (like when white people 'offend' Native Americans by dressing up in traditional tribal headdress).

  • Vidiot

    They don't have the balls, and deep down, some of 'em are kinda cool with it.

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