Jehovahs Witnesses and Babylon The Great.Why the Emphasis on the R.C.Church and not on Islam.

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  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Fred franz's world view was a repeat of Adventism in the US 1800's. they were all anti-Catholic.

  • BluesBrother

    Same reason that they don't talk about the great empires of the East, China , the Genghis Kahn exploits, even the 20th cent. Japanese expansion..... it just doesn'tcross their path.

    Islam , until recent times, has never been in conflict with JW's whereas the Catholics were never forgiven for allegedly orchestrating the imprisonment of Rutherford and the others in 1918. When they disgovered Hislop's "The Two Babylons" , that was a godsend to allow them to vent their scorn on the Catholic church.

    We used to say that it was because the Bible , and the WT, was concerned with the development of 'God's Kingdom rather than world history......


    Why the R.C. are the biggest WTS target? Because there is no love for Jesus in watchtower land. Sure, there's a lot of talk, but no action. The catholic church was started by Jesus and the WTS hates that. The catholic church gave the world the bible, hospitals, orphanages, food banks, shelters, the school/college system, invented the scientific method and teaches the radical idea of 'loving your enemy'. They teach more people and help more people than any other organization of government that has ever existed. They are the largest charity in the world and their fruits cannot be measured when you try to add it all up.

    The WTS goes door to door with a poorly edited and very inaccurate rag [Watchtower and Awake]. They talk down about other faiths because their faith is so very shallow. WTS fruits? - We're restoring God's true name. Well, where's the fruit from that? How does that help anyone including God?

    The truth will set you free


    What I wrote above, and muslims would chop off the heads of the governing body and who would defend them?...Bueller, Bueller, Bueller?


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    [think Kiler Queen by Queen]

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    We are presently living in Babylon the Great. It hasn't yet assumed its sought after total control of planet Earth but that is not far off.

    Babylon the Great had its beginnings when the tribe of Judah and the Judeans were exiled to Babylon. When the exile ended it chose to remain in Babylon as the World Headquarters for the new and changed implementation of the corrupted version that existed formerly in Jerusalem. The plans were laid then with the aid of "knowledge" learned from the Babylonian System which had been incorporated into the new which are now known as The Protocols.

    These were the same Money Changers who were ejected from the Temple for turning it into a Business Operation which exploited the people by means of "usury."

    Since then their ability to control politics, finances, entertainment, the media, religion and virtually every aspect of "life" has increased immensely. The Protocols have guided the effort which is nearly completed.

    They have had much experience in the art of fomenting war while financing both sides of the conflict with finesse which had made them incredibly wealthy. They are still at it. Those who Love Money and are able to create as much as they desire are able to perform majick.

    Their Babylonian system of Debt has effectively enslaved the whole World.

  • smiddy

    TTWSYF, what you said is so true ,what can I say.Jehovahs witnesses fail big time in comparison .

  • smiddy
    Old navy ,I only respond out of courtesy , please take your medications
  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but I don't recall the WTS singling out just the Catholic Church for criticism; it always seemed like it was "Christendom" in general that they had the daggers out for. In particular, I well remember Crazy Fred having a lot ot say about "The Clergy of Christendom", but not terribly much about only the Catholic Church. Rather, I always understood that it was the Seventh Day Adventist church that had a particular thing about Catholicism. . . according to them, it is the Roman Catholic Church (and it alone) who is the "Whore of Babylon".

  • fulltimestudent
    smiddy: Which brings me to the unprcedented rise and spread of Islam in the world today .

    Well, it may look 'unprecedented,' but the initial rise of Islam was actually far more impressive

    In 624 CE the Mediterranean world looked like this:

    You can see the tiny patch of green in what is now Saudi Arabia and see the start of Islamic influence. By far the most important Empire is the Christian Eastern Roman (Byzantine). In fact Christianity's most important centres were concentrated in western Asia.The second most important empire was Sasanian Iran, nearly as powerful, and in fact (without the rise of Islam) likely to have been (at that stage) at least the equal of the Eastern Roman Empire. Lots of Christians there too, but it was the source of Zoroastrianism which had already influenced Judaism and possibly the development of could be argued that it also influenced Indian thought,

    (the map is from the web-site, Historical Atlas of the Mediterrean:


    Now take a look at a similar map, that shows the unprecedented spread of Islam in less that 150 years (750 CE):

    See the web-site, Oxford Islamic Studies online:

    And just a year later (751 CE) a battle between China's Tang dynasty and the Islamic Arab Abbasid Caliphate at the Talas River, (on the border of contemporary Kazakhstan and Kyrgystan) saw the Chinese forces defeated and the Abbasid's gain control of the wealth of the western Silk road Trading Network.

    But the history of Islam is not one of unity - within the Islamic areas, ambitious men often overthrew the existin government and created new empires. At the same time Arab traders criss-crossed Asia, and helped the spread of Islam. And Islamic scholars preserved much of the wisdom of ancient Greece and added their own (sometimes brilliant) scholarship.

    This last map development shows the further development of Islam. But there is much more to the story of why we have the current crisis on our hands.

    But I would argue that Islam peaked long ago.

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