What's out there?

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  • pale.emperor

    Things "the world" has given me since i left 2 years ago:

    More time to devote to hobbies, Lie in on Saturday and Sunday, Women!, Christmas presents, Birthday presents, Thursday evenings free, REAL friends, freedom of thought, freedom of expression, critical thinking skills, self worth, a hypnosis qualification, a university education, kindness to others regardless of religion.

    Things Watchtower gave me that the world didn't:

    Depression, Self doubt, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Fear of men, fear of displeasing an invisible entity, black and white thinking.

    Take your pick.

  • LongHairGal


    How about freedom of choice?

    I agree that the question you posed is based on a false premise and designed to get your mind off the idea of leaving the JW religion.

    I came in as a young adult and saw that the JW religion liked to pretend it was like a little village in ancient Israel. You are NOT in such a little village....The reality of the religion is that it is a modern day cult/sect operating in a larger world where a person has to go out and earn a living!!!

    It is a stupid trick JWs play on their mind that lets them think they are geographically isolated and the “world” is a large unknown as though there should be a map that says “outside there be dragons”. What a disservice this religion has done to mentally cripple their followers with false reasonings and discouraging them from getting an education!

    You will do fine in the so-called world. You just have to be wise and not go apeshit with wrong choices just because you are free and nobody’s looking over your shoulder. You are afraid of freedom but you will be okay in time.🙂

  • Finkelstein

    First off the WTS isn't the truth never has been.

    The truth is out there you just have to search for it.

    Yes there is harmful things going on in the world but there is also good wholesome things to do with your life.

    You can start by being honest, sincere and respectfully helpful to others.

    Be the good and spread that good to others.

  • charonsdog

    Back in 2013, I separated from my wife and moved into the city of Chicago, where I attempted my short fade. I didn't know anyone in the city. All of my friends were still out in the suburbs at my old congregation. I made new friends in a few different ways.

    I went to open, social gatherings. For instance, there were free dancing classes held in a city park. I made a very good friend there. I discovered a supper club-type group. I have several good friends from that. I took a chance on a travel group that hosted strangers who were visiting from other countries or states. I have dozens of friends all over the world now, and it was very instrumental in my decision to leave my comfort zone in the States and move to southeast Asia. I met new people at bars, restaurants, parks. One of the good things that I personally took away from being raised JW was the ability to talk to others, start conversations, find common ground. And when you aren't starting those conversations with an agenda of selling them on the "truth", you can completely relax and actually enjoy getting to know them and share your honest points of view.

    You have the tools to make friends. Now go create the opportunities!

  • zeb


    "You just can't outsource your life to experience it." simply brilliant.


  • berrygerry
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    What would you answer if someone said what does the world have to offer??

    I'd say:

    Both of us are in the same world, doing basically the same things. The only difference is that I don't expect it to offer me anything, rather I'll have something to offer besides standing idly by a cart or knocking on the doors of empty houses and I'll no longer have my day to day activities punctuated by mind numbing meetings for the rest of my life.

  • SummerAngel

    You could flip the question is what is there for me in WTS. Totally agree with comments re map and 'outside there be dragons' watch the film The Village' its basically how JWs work.

    They sell you the false premise of 'jam tomorow' except tomorrow never comes and probably never will at least in your life time. While you're waiting for tomorrow to come you pretty much have to give up everything in the here and now which is why so many elderly JWs are grumpy and fed up they have made poor choices re education,jobs no pension plans given up hobbies they love but they are still here and now face death which was never part of the deal. Is that what you want in your life??

    I look at what my kids have compared to my own childhood and my brothers kids. They have a good education which is leading to a professional career, the younger is too young yet, that's not some short sighted worldly bauble that's setting them up for life. They have had time to learn a musical instrument, plan in sports teams, mix and be friends with kids from all cultures and have both done the scouts, guides system with camping. They both understand what it means to help those less fortunate and overall have a full and fulfilled life as do we.

    I compare to JW kids- no hobbies or interests, no education, poor career prospects, don't mix with those whose beliefs differ so not exposed to other view points. No celebrations at all, nothing to mark the years or puncuate the long dreary existence.

    You gain about 5 hrs a week as well as freedom of your own mind to weigh up pros and cons or any decision.

    I suggest you dip your toe in and plan your escape, feel what its like to make your decisions based on your own ethical code.

    Be open to actually how much self sacrificing goodness there is out there of course the other exists too but it does in all walks of life, plenty of corruption in WTS too.

    Accept that it feels a bit odd, people who have been kept chained in basements for years find the light difficult and the outside world odd at first it doesn't mean their previous existence was good for them. I've been out 30 yrs I still find some things odd, but the benefits vastly outweigh this fleeting feeling xx

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