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  • Jrjw

    Someone asked me what does the world have to offer if left the truth? 'coz I'm still in the process of leaving I just said I don't feel I fit in the truth or the world. She's known me for 12 years and she's the 3rd person recently to say I've changed. Why is it hard mentally to just leave?? I seriously need to make some non jw friends now that I've moved house so I don't find it so hard to leave coz the prospect of having no friends For a while if I leave jws is depressing lol. I don't know any non jws where i live yet so i have some work to do. What would you answer if someone said what does the world have to offer??

  • dubstepped

    Therein lies the problem with many. Life anywhere offers you what you put into it. Religions like JWs give you something, a lie, but it's something external. Stop looking for what life gives you and start looking for what you bring to it.

    Bring energy and enjoy the outdoors. Bring presence and enjoy the minutia of the here and now. Bring openness and make great friends. Bring gratitude and appreciate life today instead of being negative and basing existence on a lie of a panda paradise to come. Again, those people are dead inside and looking for the cult or anyone to offer them something, which is why they'll fall for anything. Challenge yourself, live, learn, grow, love, be happy now, stop looking elsewhere for life. The world has anything you want. You just can't outsource your life to experience it.

    Your question is based on a false JW premise.

  • Magnum

    To me, what "the world" has to offer has nothing to do with it. It's about leaving something that's wrong. It's about leaving a boring, mind-numbing, routine that consumes and wastes one's life. It's about freeing oneself from the JW drudgery. It's about ceasing to promote a cult that's trying to entrap still more people.

    So, if a JW asked me that question, I'd say that it's irrelevant.

  • stuckinarut2

    When someone says "You've changed"

    simply reply: "Yes, I know! Thanks!"

  • dubstepped

    Let's go old school country, lol.


  • Incognito

    That question is intended to force you to take your mind off leaving and raise doubt that leaving is the correct course of action. Many JWs have an attitude that even if not God's organization, they wouldn't want to go anywhere else.

    You have identified for yourself that the religion is flawed and is not 'The Truth' chosen by God. Once those conclusions are reached, there is no longer reason to remain a member, even if you haven't decided what else to do.

    If your house was on fire, before leaving you wouldn't stop to question where you and your children would go or what the outside offers, but you would grab your kids and get out to save your lives. Once out and safe, you can then worry about the next steps to take.

  • LisaRose

    It's a question designed to undermine your decision to leave by insinuating the world is just a big bad place, full of bad people, a common theme in the religion.

    What's out there is what you choose to find out there. Of course if you have been living in a closed community like the Watchtower it can seem kind of scary, but the reality is you will figure it out and be just fine. Of course any change is hard and at first you may be uncomfortable, but just push through and it will get easier.

    If you miss being part of a religious community, there are nice ones out there. If you want more intellectual stimulation then education might be for you. The thing is it's your choice, and choice is a beautiful thing.

  • Crazyguy

    I would say the awe inspiring feeling of reality with out a fake safety net. Living life and feeling tasting touching and seeing things in a new clear crisp sense of awe!!!

  • Jrjw

    I'm not scared of going back into "The world" or leaving the religion would be a better way of putting it since its them against the world. I'll have my freedom back. As soon as I've made some non jw friends I'm disassociating anyway. I only know jws where I've just moved to and don't live near my family so I need to make new friends before I can leave the religion.

  • Jrjw

    I know I could meet people at a local church quite quickly but I don't want to leave one religious organisation and be part of another one. I'm still traumatised off this one

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