Canada, Quebec: a lawsuit will soon begin against the Watchtower

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    Overlapping lawsuits...

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    @ kairos...

    Aw bugger, I wish I'd thought of that one.

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    careful - "This needs to be followed."

    Link, "like", and hashtag the shit out of it.

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    This week, Thomas Jefferson Jr from Watchtower was interrogated by the lawyer in court. He claimed that the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, Inc. has nothing to do with the Watchtower bible and tract society of Pensylvania or of New York and of Canada. The judge has to publish her decision later.

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    This week, a letter was read to all congregations of Quebec(Canada) saying that the organisation does not hide pedophiles from the police. It is the same kind of lie as usual. See in french and google translation in english here:

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    Thanks for the update. Please keep us posted.

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    Yes I will careful!

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    Summary of the first day of hearing for the application for authorization of the class action lawsuit against the Watchtower in Quebec(Canada), Montreal Courthouse. December 17, 2018.

    Unfortunately, the courtroom was small and there were not enough seats. On our side, there were the same two attorneys from Woods' lawyers, and there were about 30 people who attended the hearing on our side, some left early, others arrived later. On the side of the JWs, they had 2 lawyers plus their assistants, that is 4 people, but who are not JWs, but they are very close to the affairs of the Watchtower, the same guys as on November 27th and in the audience, they were about 16 plus 3 high ranked Watchtower representatives, including one from NY, the same guys as at the November 27 hearing.

    One of the Watchtower's two lawyers repeated the same arguments as on November 27, saying that the Quebec Superior Court can not judge American corporations and that the various Watchtower corporations have nothing to do with each others or with the one in Canada, etc. The lawyer on our side, argued the opposite with several supporting evidences, in various publications and letters and manuals from the JWs organization, as well as texts of laws. She also mentioned the interrogation of Thomas Jefferson Jr., who behaved exactly as in Stephanie Fessler's trial against Watchtower, with vague or circular answers, pretending to ignore certain things, which undermined his credibility. Other topics were also discussed. There have been no testimonies for the moment.

    Watchtower lawyers said since yesterday that they will invoke the statute of limitations. This is new, they had never mentioned this intention in recent weeks. Maybe they feel endangered. Also one of the lawyers also tried to minimize the blunders of Thomas Jefferson Jr.

    To follow tomorrow, it continues, the decision of the judge will probably be early enough perhaps in January 2019.

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    Surely the fact that the Watchtower said it will invoke the statue of limitations came as no surprise? The Watchtower will use anything within their means even if they have to contradict themselves.

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    "...various Watchtower corporations have nothing to do with each others or with the one in Canada..."- what a load of crap!

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