Canada, Quebec: a lawsuit will soon begin against the Watchtower

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  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    99 good information I hope the lawsuit proceeds. Still Totally ADD

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    And the tide rises another couple inches.

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    I'm pretty sure it's gonna go well ADD.

    Exactly Vidiot!

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    Preliminary hearing yesterday courtesy of a redditor:

    DISCLAIMER : I am NOT a legal expert and i am herein translating the gist of a judgement handed down today by the judge, so it's possible that not everything in here is 300% precise. I was not in court myself so I can't even speak from experience. All I have is the judgement document.

    Ok guys, on my cell, so gonna try to keep it short.

    Yesterday, the court heard reps for the American chapters of the bOrg.

    They essentially wanted to be excused from any legal proceedings as they argued that the court did not have jurisdiction to render judgement on them. This would leave the fourth chapter, WTBTS of Canada alone to defend itself. I suspect it's better for the bOrg to try to minimize the amount of its legal entities that are being looked at by the courts.

    WT had three reps for WTBTS-NY (NY), WTBTS-Pennsylvania (PENN) and CCJW.

    NY was none other than Bro Gary Breaux. PENN was Richard Devine. CCJW was Thomas Jefferson (him again!)

    The court agreed to hear them but said that their statements needed to stick to the subject and not defend the case. In other words, explain to the court why you must be "excused", and do not present information that should be heard by the court at a later time, such as when the actual debating of the class action would take place.

    The declarations of Gary Breaux and Richard Devine were found to not answer the criterion explained above. Therefore the requests to have NY and PENN "excused" (sorry, don't know the proper legal term) were denied.

    However, Jefferson explained that CCJW was formed in 2000 (a later date than the events around the situation of Lisa Blais, the pursuant). Also, he said that CCJW is active in USA, Bermuda and the Caribbean, but NOT in Canada. (I did a major WTF when I read that bit) Therefore, the court approves that his declaration be given and he will be cross-examined at a later time, likely in the coming days, if not today.

    That is essentially it. So PENN and NY are still on the hook. As for CCJW, they still have to plead their case to get off the hook. I am very interested to see how this goes, as I remember reading or hearing that in one of the recent American court cases, Tom Jefferson majorly shat the bed in precisely one of these insane explanations of why CCJW has nothing to do with the rest of the bOrg.

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    I hope they burn badly.

  • zeb
    • I break into a shop
    • I am suspected of breaking into the shop in question.
    • I change my name therefore I am not guilty.

    Fasten your seat belt we are heading for turbulence. The lawyers for the prosecution are well a where of the CARC and the high jinks the wt (by whatever name) tried to pull there.

  • Vidiot

    Jeezus, the way things are going these days, the GB must be near-desperate for the Great Trib to drop and bail 'em out. :smirk:

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The New Great Tribulation Doctrine is that only Jehovah's Witnesses will have to experience it.

    It includes ugly court cases leading to bad publicity, financial loss and rapid membership decline-- the rest of the world will sail on just as before!

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    Thanks for the post. This needs to be followed.

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