Did a current or ex-JW help you to awaken?

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  • TweetieBird

    Was there something that was said to you that got the wheel turning in your brain, that caused you to start waking up to TTATT, either by a JW or ex-JW that you didn't know was awake? I'm trying to think of things I can say or ask of my current family members still in that may help them to start seeing the real truth about the organization. They think we're still in.

  • Divergent

    This approach might not work for your family, but the point it touches on really made me think:

    "I read in the news the other day about a father who killed his own child. Don't you agree with me that this is disgusting? A father who kills his own children!"

    (JW would definitely agree that this is horrible, repulsive, unloving, etc.)

    "So you agree? Now think about your belief that your so-called "loving father" Jehovah would kill billions of his children at Armageddon!!!

  • jp1692

    Yes, all the then-current JWs that were controlling, manipulative hypocrites. Stephen Lett was a big factor in my awakening. His convention talks convinced me that there was no way in hell that God was using these idiots for anything.

    I'm sure that's NOT the answer you were looking for, but it's the truth. The fact is that most people do not leave a cult because of any particular doctrinal reason, but because of mistreatment and hypocrisy on the part of their fellow cult members, especially those in positions of authority.

  • Ray Frankz
    Ray Frankz

    I really doubt in this cyber-age with internet and all that there's many witnesses who never came across anythings that put in check the bases for the GB allegations. As jp said, the Truth isn't the reason they are in, despite they will claim it is until death.

  • joe134cd

    Initially no one at all. It all started when a work colleague wanted to know how well JWs do in their marriages. Initially I went to the pubs. Unable to find any statistical information I decided to google it. 18 months after that initial question I walked out of the KH for good.

  • Crazyguy

    Yes Lett.

  • Vidiot
    Divergent - "So you agree? Now think about your belief that your so-called 'loving father' Jehovah would kill billions of his children at Armageddon!!!"

    Satisfying, but all that'd really do is get their back up.

  • TightPants

    Paul Grundy from JWfacts.com and John Cedars (aka Lloyd Evans) from JWsurvey.com...if that counts...

  • mentalclarity

    While I was still in, I heard of some exjws who had become "apostate". I would never have talked to them or listened to anything they said. My guard would have been up.

    My waking up had to do more with questions that a non-jw at work started to ask and I found myself struggling to make our beliefs sound logical.

    I think there are different things that awaken each of us. With some, it's seeing things crumble from the inside. With others it's exposure to nice non-jws. For some, they looked up stuff online and I really doubt someone sitting you down and trying to "reason" with them about JWs is going to help them wake up. You have to already kind of be going down that road and open to doubting the "truth". I don't really try even bringing up JW stuff when I'm with the family...but, I make myself approachable (non-confrontational/loving) and lead a happy life so that if ever someone wants to come up and ask me questions..or a place to stay or whatever- they know I'll be there for them. I don't want to be that crazy exjw that they'll automatically dismiss because I'm always trying to prove them wrong.

  • jp1692
    Mentalclarity: I don't want to be that crazy exjw that they'll automatically dismiss because I'm always trying to prove them wrong.

    Great point to keep in mind, which is particularly ironic since JWs are always trying to prove everyone else wrong!

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