Witnessing: Turning the Tables on Them

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  • cruzanheart

    Wow, Merc', that's pretty cool! Thank you! And I know that Dad would be pleased to think that he could help people even now. Not a bad legacy, don't you think?


  • OICU8it2

    Thank you, Nina for the post. I haven't told the elder and his wife who still bring the mags every couple of months my true understanding of their history and all the info from this site. I don't think it'll change them. I am just burning to make them know the truth because I care about them alot. They always treat me very kindly even though it has been a while since I faded. They didn't even seem bothered about smoking and as far as I know never turned me in. (I'm quittin' anyway). Perhaps I've been df'd and don't know it or maybe I'm just considered inactive and they'll deal with it all later when they get me back. Thing is, I can never go back knowing what I know now. I guess the right thing would be to try to gently persuade them over time. I feel every bit as zealous for this new knowledge of the WTBS comedy of errors as I was for the "truth" back when. Interesting about Ray's response to you. I am happy he wrote you. I would love to read another book from him. CoC and In Search of were inspiring to me and were what I needed. I wish I had considered him 20 yrs ago. I hope his health is holding up OK and sometimes feel concerned about that. I would love to hear him speak or meet him. His books changed my life in time and no doubt helped my new marriage by avoiding my ever pressuring my wife (a not ever JW) to go back with me. Regards, David Carlton

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