Facebook Meme made me angry

by Seeking agape 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • Seeking agape
  • Seeking agape
    Seeking agape

    How cold hearted are they? How low will they continue to sink? Even of Facebook they allow them selves to be brainwashed and try to perpetuate it to others.

    BTW Im on Facebook at 4Am because I can't sleep. I have been up taking care of my sick little boy all night. So maybe I'm over sensitive because of the lack of sleep. But I reported that post to Facebook as offensive just for kicks. 😂😇😇

  • Bangalore

    They think too highly of themselves and their organization.


  • punkofnice
    ......until a bomb blows my bloody leg off..........then I will rely on the world to fix me.
  • ToesUp

    Typical JW. As long as it doesn't affect them. Disturbing!

  • EdenOne

    I wonder if they would have to eat their own words if there was one Witness among those killed in Paris by the terrorists.

  • freemindfade
    Yes it's sickening. But I bet you anything not just us exjws find this ugly. This type of crap has to get to some in jws. Before I was awake this type of thing bothered me. So someday we will be reading a first time poster on here talking about how this type of thing woke them up. Even if you are a witness and want to stay so neutral that you show no support for the beautiful city of Paris, at least keep your self righteous mouth shut.
  • punkofnice
    At least they can rest easy in the knowledge that these atrocities were not committed by atheists.
  • oppostate
    I posted a rant against the meme on my facebook page. Then posted replies with the photos of Chilean KH's displaying flags and how this is ok with the GB and the Chilean branch. And finished it off with a half dozen photos of JW.0rg flags on display and with silly Witnesses waving them. I think I made my point clear. The JW religion is filled with hypocrites from the top down, bunch of pharisees!
  • cha ching
    cha ching
    Perfect, oppostate! Nothing says it like the Chilean flag! How dare they!

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