Who would vote to disband the JW organisation?

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  • Finkelstein

    I would say yes being that this publishing cult mentally entraps people and puts a box over their heads in a intent to actively control these people to their own gain, both in labor and finances.

    The trick they pull is that all supposedly devoted activity is going to end up pleasing Jehovah and therefore he wont kill them in the soon to come day of judgement.

    Cults are run by autocrats.

    Yes that's is correct and done so to drawn power and control over people.

  • steve2

    By seeking to ban a religious organization - especially one that is operating within the secular laws of its host community - you simply increase its power over its members.

    Believers thrive on the prospect of persecution and even refine their focus and commitment. Listen to all the "experiences" of JWs who have been through hardship due to their beliefs. They're pumping big time!

    On the other hand, there is a case to be made for increasing apathy levels within a religious organization for it is that - and not apostasy or opposition - that saps the lifeblood out of religious organizations.

  • slimboyfat

    I would rather if they reformed. They would need to abandon shunning and make blood, education and so on conscience issues. Accept gay people, reform abuse policy, and have women elders and on the GB. If they did that they'd be fine. Not asking much.

  • slimboyfat

    I didn't understand the OP question to mean banning JWs. I thought we were simply voting on its demise, maybe due to financial crisis, or under the weight of its own contradictions.

  • Simon

    Disband? No ...

    Why? Because it's pointless ...

    Why? Because they exist because people want them to.

    If the WTS disappeared, another WTS would appear to take it's place. It serves a segment of the population that wants a quirky non-mainstream religion.

    It's why, to grow, they need to change and are becoming more mormon-esque. The amateur camaraderie fringe version of their early years is making way for the corporate version.

    They can only grow to a certain size like that. Then they either transform again into something else or stagnate (just stay as they are, churning members though life expectancy).

    Of course as they change versions, they shed members who wanted the old version and gain new ones who want the new. As long as "new" results in more members and more profit then they will evolve, including abandoning old beliefs and adapting new ones.

    The super-tanker religions such as Catholicism and Islam also do the same but at a much slower pace.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Quite simply, No.

    I support "freedom of religion". Even if I do not personally agree with the religion.

    Instead, I think our Government needs to make conditions for those who claim to be a "religion" and receive a more favorable tax free status. Saic religions should not be doing damage to our society by breaking up families and this is what disfellowshipping does. If they want to maintain that practice, no tax exemption.

    Same with other civil rights violations, ie, freedom of religion also means freedom FROM religion and a person should be able to leave any religion without sanctions being imposed against them. If they want to maintain that practice, no tax exemption.

    But bottom line is that I don't want the Government making rules about what is right or wrong in religious doctrine and what should be allowed or disallowed, UNLESS it damages society at large.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I was thinking that the JW org is so last century, well actually so very 19th century---and it is honour bound to continue with its primitive Bible based rhetoric.

    The time is coming however when JWs will be so at odds with real normal modern life, that they will eventually come under government scrutiny as an unhealthy force in society.

    As some have mentioned there are damaging things which they demand, shunning of family members, disapproving of education, not allowing children to develop naturally. JWs stifle the life spirit in young people. JWs grow up with a distorted view of the world etc.

    Of course this old Bible cult is very rich and even when in terminal decline for many years it will be able to appear functioning normally because of its accumulated wealth. But the time will come when being so unaccountable and mentally and emotionally hurtful to its members they will be exposed as a cult. Financial losses will continue and it will be necessary to downsize and radically modify their approach.

    It will be the GB who will have to vote as to whether they continue or disband. Or I suppose in extremis they may turn to the rank and file?

    One of my closest friends remains a JW for the sake of family but he loathes the religion. He feels powerless and says that the JW org has been the bane of his life. He must be among many long suffering non-believing JWs who given the chance would vote immediately for it to be disbanded.

  • Alostpuppydog

    I vote to disband all religion, all gov't, all educational systems. It's time for humanity to to restart, even if that means 99% of us die. Just make sure those at the top are inprisoned and have them make an account to all of us for enslaving humanity. Anarchy and Revolution is what we need!

  • bsmart

    There is a family friend from Russia and the word is that religion is making a big comeback now that the government allows it. I believe the persecution complex that religion fosters (and it does) simply drives it underground. Disbanding the thing wont work. Letting it be exposed for what it is will more likely let it die with the elderly.

  • smiddy

    Disband ? No

    Have more enforceable laws that address freedom of expression without being penalised by the religion for breaking their rules.

    Penalise members of the GB or Elders who fail to notify the appropiate authoritys of child sexual abuse regardless of whether it is mandatory or not in a particular state or territory .

    Ban everybody not a relative from a hospital room where a JW might need a blood transfusion to save their life to minimise undue pressure put upon the patient to conform to JW doctrine of no blood.

    The Blood liasion Committee in Hospitals is no more than an intimitating force to make sure that a JW conforms to the watchtower`s policy of not taking blood .Regardless of the outcome to the patient.

    They are not blood related and should be expelled from the patients room .

    The emotional blackmail that is practiced in the JW religion maybe a lot harder to police or enforce however I hope someone can com up with a solution .

    That is the shunning policy practised by The JW Org, Any baptised member who falls foul of the doctrines /practices of the JW`s can be disfellowshipped and is then cut off from all association with family members and ,friends for a year or two depending on the severity of their sin .

    They can only gain a normal relationship with their family and friends if they repent of their wrong doing and gain re-admission into the religion as a JW.

    If they dont jump through the hoops to be re-instated they will never have a relationship with their family or friends.

    If that is not emotional blackmail then I dont know what is.

    These are the fundamental things that need to be changed not an overall ban.

    Some of these points could also apply to some other religions that should be looked at also.

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