On the Subject of Demons, I Have a Story to Tell.

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  • pale.emperor

    Loved reading this! This would make a great book!

    My parents shunned me for a number of years after that, as did all my witness friends. By this time I'd become anardent Portsmouth FC fan and attended every home match. So I kept busy and gradually made new friends.

    I noticed the same thing with me, rather than dwell on the "loss" of family/friends keeping busy and finding new interests really does speed up the recovery from Watchtower.

  • pale.emperor

    bunny--i think we married the same woman...?


    Hang on... yh me too!!

    Oh and by the way, Jasper Carrott whom you sang songs with in the pub, his wife is a JW.

  • snugglebunny

    Hope you still go to matches!

    Yes we do! Here you go, boxing day game at Newport County. We went 2 - 0 down then won 3 - 2.

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