On the Subject of Demons, I Have a Story to Tell.

by snugglebunny 46 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    Great story! Good for you, finding your own way and coming out the other side, happy. Thanks for sharing.

  • dogisgod

    Really great story! Thank you!!

  • nicolaou

    Thanks for sharing your story, this is one of the most memorable reads ever on JWN.

  • snugglebunny

    I've just re-read the whole thing, so it's time for an update. Chris and I are now both retired. We're loving our role as grandparents, plus I'm free to get creative around the garden. I've become a quiz master at our local pub, so every other week or so I set up 50 questions for the 7 or 8 teams who turn up. I get paid in beer, so usually stagger home afterwards. Chris does part-time invigilating 2 or 3 times a year around school exam times which usually funds a couple of holidays abroad, either on Greek islands or maybe Spain and Portugal. We celebrated her 65th birthday recently, so we were able to take our children and grandchildren away to a villa in Majorca to celebrate. See the pic! I have no complaints about my past experiences - life turned around for me so well that I'll always cherish that which is so dear to me - our family.

  • Xanthippe

    What a lovely photo snugglebunny. It sounds like you're having a great time travelling and enjoying your family. What a great result for an evil apostate!

  • fizzle

    What an amazing story!

    Im currently in the process of rebuilding my life / family since leaving JW land.

    My last congregation was in the same circuit as Portsmouth, Havant, Waterlooville etc..

    Half of my immediate family shun me completely... It can be tough sometimes, but stories like this really help, thank you for sharing 😊

  • carla

    Love a happy ending! You have a lovely family, all the best to you and yours.

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