What precisely is TTATT.

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  • tornapart

    Jws call their religion 'the truth'.... but is it?

    So finding out what is the real truth about the religion, it's history, its forever changing teachings, the things it hides... is called The truth about the truth.... TTATT for short.

  • Finkelstein

    The meaning behind the acronym TTATT could be define correctly by the actual realization that the WTS made up a long list of deceiving doctrinal lies in the endeavoring agenda toward proliferating its publications and to also use those doctrines to stimulate the distribution of that literature by exploiting coerced devoted believers of those doctrines, then calling these people JWS.

    JWS still to this day identify themselves as being in " The Truth " or not being in " The Truth " or a particular person as being opposed to " The Truth "

    The reality is JWS are supportive and entwined into the Watchtower Corporation's corrupt and commercially tainted version of the Gospel set out by Jesus Christ and have been both disrespectful and disobedient to god in this regard, identifying the organization as false prophets by definition within the bible's scriptures.

  • atomant
    Thankyou all for the replies to my question.For those that believe in god l guess (oppostate) sums it up with (

    And for believers in Christ: Jesus said he was the truth and the way and the life, and anyone who wants to reach out to the Father can do so through his name and can become a Spiritual child of God. TTATT means that Jesus Christ is the mediator for all believers and not a man-made organization.)

  • bradford

    Remember all the warnings in watchtower publications about the apostate websites that distort the truth and blatantly lie? Turns out the opposite is true. TTATT is the stuff the watchtower tries to scare or guilt people from finding because they know it will completely turn you away and stop supporting the cause with free gas, money, labor, and more importantly, your time and life.

    Examples of TTATT:

    Jerusalem was not destroyed in 607.

    Jesus didn't come in 1914.

    The governing body isn't even a thing, nor did Jesus select a body in 1919 or 1918.

    They distort the past and distort texts of the bible to paint their own picture.

  • Ding

    I would define TTATT as follows:

    1. The Watchtower Society is not God's organization.

    2. The Watchtower Society is not God's channel of communication.

    3. The Watchtower religion is not biblical Christianity.

  • Hadriel

    The blatantly false teaching of 607 is what got me. This teaching was based loosely on Daniel 4 along with the Great Pyramid of Giza's dimensions (how on earth Russell sold this is still shocking to me but I digress). The only problem is a few years later cuneiform tablets started showing up. A few years after that thousands of these tablets were translated. To this day they are still translating and finding these cuneiform tablets. The Babylonians were master accountants. They recorded everything.

    Just this past year more were found. It is clear by both documented business tablets along with those watching celestial events that are absolute in time have cooked the goose of the 607 teaching. It is a certainty that Jerusalem was destroyed in 586/587.

    Why can't the Watchtower back off of this teaching and will manufacture unrecorded Kings or gaps in their reigns so as to keep this teaching? Without it there is no 1914, there is no 1919 (when authority was supposedly given to the WTBS) hence there's no Jehovah's Witnesses. It's that serious.

    Lastly the mucking with the bible was the second thing that crushed my faith. For some time I have studied Koine Greek, really just for fun. The bible has categorically been changed to fit WT doctrine.

    proskuneo (worship), elohim (true God or, God of gods), kyrios (Lord)

    Those three words alone are monkeyed with so much the WT has painted themselves into a corner with contradictions. Why so many NWT revisions? Like the cartoon where another leak starts leaking the minute one is patched, the NWT receives patches on the regular.

    What does Revelation 22:18,19 say about changing God's word??? Ummm yeah DON'T or the pelages in the bible will be brought upon you.


    What precisely is TTATT......atomant

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  • Ucantnome

    The book Insight on the Scriptures Vol. 2 (Watch Tower 1988) on page 1132. Under the heading ‘Walking in the Truth’ says this

    ‘The entire body of Christian teachings, which later became part of the written Word of God, is “the truth” or “the truth of the good news.” Adherence to this truth, ‘walking in it, is essential if an individual is to gain salvation.’

    page 987 Under the heading ‘Good News’

    ‘It includes all the truths about which Jesus spoke and the disciples wrote.’

    I would think it is the truth about JW good news

  • paradisebeauty

    TTATT is this:

    Watchtower does not have the truth, nor are they God's organization.

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