Proof the earth can be flat

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  • slimboyfat

    They seem like fairly reasonable questions to me Cofty, and strangely, not much related to semantics in this particular instance.

    1. If you are going to claim science can give definitive answers on subjects how do you get round the problem that inductive reasoning can't produce definite knowledge?

    2. Even if we agree that the worm's view is "ignorant", how we rule out the possibility that our view of the world may appear similarly ignorant to a super-intelligent being that is as much more intelligent than us as we are compared with a worm?

    Where does semantics come into these issues?

  • cofty

    Sorry SBF no offense but I would rather stick pins in my eyeballs than do this.

  • juandefiero

    Planet earth is not flat. End...of...story.

    The following image isn't from the perspective of a human. It is a photograph. Light rays bounced off an object (the Earth) and entered a lens to produce this photograph.

    This has nothing to do with a "human perspective." It is a physical reality.

    Any conversation to the contrary is "bollocks," to quote my distinguished JWN colleague Cofty.

  • Saintbertholdt
    Even if we agree that the worm's view is "ignorant", how we rule out the possibility that our view of the world may appear similarly ignorant to a super-intelligent being that is as much more intelligent than us as we are compared with a worm?

    True. Children and young people get exposed to this idea very early in life where they get to roleplay at being a omnipotent god. For example: The sims. Other popular mythologies like Dune have explored the mind of God rather extensively with the seeming cruelties and ambivalences which a deity has to display to achieve a specific end.


    Debates on perspective and the validity of all points of view do not feature when practical things have to be done. You will not find discussions of this nature between engineers and/or technicians (except when shooting the breeze). There is what is known that works and what does not. That which works is not empirical truth but the closest approximate understanding available, because any model of a physical thing cannot be the thing or greater than the thing itself. In short all points of view are not equal because the rules of this construct we find ourselves in have to be followed to achieve tangible results. If results are not a factor then all points of view can be valid, but it is only valid when viewed as a symbolic abstraction.

    Last point, which is totally my own conjecture: Contradiction and Tautology is logic which becomes relevant and dominant the closer in time one is from a singularity.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Slimboyfat " Proof the earth can be flat"

    The Rebel. It says a lot about Slimboyfat, that he has attempted to support his opinions calmly and I apologise if my last post appeared a little insulting.

    I do however find this thread fascinating partly because :-

    A) as a former Jehovers Witness I am now angered and trying to understand my former stupidity and ignorance, and inability to not understand I was talking and believed utter noncence.

    B) there is a growing social moverment that seem to believe the earth is flat.

    Anyway my witness exsperience has taught me to try and think for myself and my conclusion is:-.

    1) If the earth is flat I would have assumed we would have been able to have reached the edge?

    2) Whilst I don't believe the earth is flat, I must confess I have not given thought to it being upside down, or maybe its simply inside out, so please look out for my new O.P "proof the earth is upside down, and inside out" :-)

    The Rebel.

  • Ruby456

    i agree the earth can indeed be flat - perhaps from a plants perspective. I guess there is a perspective from every pov. However, this is not an argument for relativity - just an acknowledgment for awareness that such wisdom is positive.

  • Ruby456

    another thing - the earth can be flat if we are used to seeing it hung drawn and quartered too much -

    that is - studied as an object drawn on a page and all its properties listed in straight lines and tables - lol - how much flatter can that be -

    of course this is necessary but lets not forget it is also a sphere amongst other spheres supporting and sustaining lots of non flat connections

  • slimboyfat
    This thread is not actually about the shape of the earth. It only looks that way from certain perspectives. Sorry for the confusion.
  • millie210

    So is this thread about perspective?

    Is it about who we consider the ultimate authority or answer giver?

    I dont mean on this forum, I am referring to where we source out our information in life to form our own world views.

  • Heaven

    I think it's time for a Schrodinger's Cat thread.

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