Does Anyone Remember Mr. Coffee

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  • new boy
    new boy

    The apostate that hung around Bethel back in the early 1970's.

    I talk about "The Frog" and "Lady Margret" in my book but knew nothing about "Mr. Coffee"

    Any help please.

    New Boy

  • SadElder

    Oh boy.... Mr Coffee.... he was a hoot. I may have a recording of him stashed somewhere. I'll have to search but I'm not hopeful.

    I believe he was disfellowshiped from the 124 congregation but I can't recall for certain if that was the congo.

    When I was there working on some special in the early 80's I remember his almost daily outrage at our "coffee on the Bethel table morning, noon and night" diatribes. He was especially vehement with Fred Franz. On my way down the hill to 25 occasionally I'd get shot at too, "another new suit this one has, hah, 14 dollars a month. Hypocrites, robots, .... blah blah." Then there was "on the Awake dated ??? there was a picture of a pregnant woman, a pregnant woman, and some blather about coffee again."

    At some point he got beat up by some neighbors and later, not during my time there, he was backed over by a Bethelite driving a truck and sustained a broken leg, I think Bob Thaal (sp) was the driver.

    I took a quick look through my files and didn't find the cassette that "Coffee" was on so I guess it's gone for good.

    Thanks for the reminders, and bringing a smile at some old memories.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    You mean this guy?

    Image result for Juan Valdez

  • Diogenesister
    He was especially vehement with Fred Franz.

    I don’t know this fella, but he was right!

    Anyway, what I wanted to say is that he sounds a little mentally ill and I just think it’s so incredibly sad the way Watchtower treats the mentally unwell. They are so worried about their image that obviously comes before love of the unwell. And secondly they are so ignorant about these matters, often still believe in demon possession of the mentally ill or just plain get their care utterly wrong, their rule bound club will never allow for the “different”.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I remember Lady Margrett from the Margret St. hotel who used to curse us as we went to work occasionally, and I think Apostate Jack, but Mr. Coffee was after my time at Bethell.

  • SadElder
    I just remembred the poor deranged guy who came to be known as Coffeemate. He was a street person, crazy as a loon, but harmless. His best was mocking Mr. Coffee and a few other choice expressions.
  • DNCall

    He always carried a briefcase. Wondered what was inside. Saw him berate Bert Schroeder once. Fit into their persecution complex nicely, so they let him do his thing. When he was backed up on by the truck, I'm told the Bethelites got him into an ambulance and off to the hospital.

  • User99

    Yes, I remember visiting Bethel around the mid 1980s. I was told that “Mr. Coffee” was an outspoken apostate and to avoid him. He was walking the streets just outside Brooklyn Bethel. He would be critical about coffee, then change the topic to Michael Jackson or whatever would capture the attention of onlookers.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Yes, I remember Mr. Coffee. He kinda reminded me of Danny Devito. One day as we were all filing into the 124 building for lunch, he was out there as usual shouting his face off. This time a neighborhood lady was walking by with a little ankle biter type dog on a leash. All of his shouting must have startled the dog because he started barking and biting at Mr.Coffee's heels. Much to the delight of the crowd of Bethelites on the sidewalk, Mr. Coffee hopped around trying not to get bitten.

    If you listened to him closely you realized that he was using phrases that individually made sense but none of them tied together into any kind of specific point other than he was really mad at the Watchtower. The rumor I heard was that he was thrown out because of something that happened between he and sister Knorr (pffft...of course ) his advances toward her were spurned etc and he got the boot.

    Where else would you see such a sight like that other than at a JW Assembly. I don't think any other religion provokes such reactions from it's former members.

  • shadow

    He was verrrry loud. Hard to sleep in on rare Sunday mornings. He was putting in pioneer hours

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