Does Anyone Remember Mr. Coffee

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  • new boy
    new boy

    Thank you guys once again for the walk down memory lane!

    I truly love you all!

  • JW_Researcher

    I remember Mr. Coffee clearly. There have been several threads on him over the years.

    He would cry out how the JWs had a "blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack god" etc. for whatever reason. He really zeroed in on the GB.

    While walking with Carey Barber (?) on a particularly cold day with driving frozen rain, Brother Barber observed (haltingly) 'This is one day I'm happy to see him out' or something to that effect.

    I actually respected Mr. Coffee. I heard a society truck hit him (accidentally). A search of prior threads will surface the Mr. Coffee lore.

  • sparky1

    Yes...yes...yes...! My memory has been jogged and now I remember him. When I was a new boy in Brooklyn I roomed in one of the smaller buildings down over the hill . My room was at street level and I kept the window open at night because I like the fresh air. One night around 10:30 to 11:00 he had two new boys trapped outside the front door and was yelling and screaming at them. The foolish new boys had forgotten their keys and I went to the door to rescue them. The stupid bastard started in on me when I opened the door and I told him in no uncertain terms that if he didn't shut his mouth that I would shut it for him. He took off like a shot and I never saw him again. That was my only encounter with Mr. Coffee.

  • Rattigan350

    I remember him when I did temp work there in 1987. He yelled out at the women. Things like You have too much makeup and look like Tammy Faye Baker.

  • TheListener

    He yelled at me when my family visited. Barr told me to be as dedicated as Mr Coffee was in my service to the governing body.

    He actually said Jehovah.

  • truth_b_known

    As a kid I remember that my dad visited Bethel and came back with the story of Mr. Coffee and CoffeMate.

  • Done

    That must have been the guy when I visited bethel around 1989/1990. Went with a group from my hall, I was 15/16 and without my family there. I remember him mocking us as we walked towards the doors and the heavy sister got his attention and he went off on how busty her sweater was and how it showed off her boobs. 15/16 year old me enjoyed it. He was yelling about her boobies being too big

  • blondie

    On 2 separate visits to Bethel, my Bethel friends made it point to point him out and tell the stories that circulate about him as if was a standard stop for jw visitors like taking the Bethel tour.

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