Fade Advice Please

by Zeds Dead 13 Replies latest jw experiences

  • slimboyfat

    It would help if you explained why you are going about it like this, because it really depends on family or whatever your objectives are.

    because the Elders will get someone you trust to try and get the information out of you

    This happened to me. I wouldn't have believed it until they did it.
  • millie210

    The funny thing is, sometimes they do nothing at all and other times you can have the misfortune of a "diligent" elder lol.

    The one time they seem to activate is pre C.O.s visit when they are trying to clean up their records and get ready to explain themselves.

    So that would be twice a year they might try to contact you.

    I am fading too and I always say 'i have been out of town on business and yes, I will try to make the C.O.s talk on Sunday! "

    Of course, I never do go but the elders dont care....when they meet with the C. O. they can show they have done "their part" and he is happy and they are off the hook. That way the paper shuffle is all orderly.

    No one really cares if I am there or not - not them and not me!

  • pale.emperor

    Or you could claim to be anointed and have some fun with that. I bet it'd drive the elders crazy seeing you, a newly reinstated person, drinking the bood of Jesus at the memorial.

  • rebel8

    Chronic fatigue syndrome

    Seriously, that's a good idea.

    I know a woman who remained in good standing without attending meetings and FS for a super long time, and her dad remained MS in good standing too. Her relatives even said she was faking it to get out of jw stuff, but really this chick did not leave the house much. I guess if that or being an active dubbie are your only 2 choices...

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