Fooled me once--twice---ain't gonna happen thrice

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  • eyeuse2badub

    Fooled me once---shame on you! Fooled me twice---shame on me! Fooled me thrice---ain’t gonna ever happen!

    So I was having a very cordial conversation with my lovely jw wife and her very lovely super duper jw mother last week. They were both kindly encouraging me to “return to Jehovah”. After all, as they both reminded me, I have so much to give to the organization; I had been a child prodigy and a ‘golden boy’ in the wt organization during the 60’s and 70’s, and early 80’s. During the latter 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s the shine of the wt organization faded and so did I.

    Basically, I was a ‘born in’, baptized at 12, pioneered, gave my first public talk at 18, married (so I wouldn’t commit fornication) at 19, appointed as an elder at 25 after serving my 2 year sentence for ‘draft dodging’, raising my children “in the discipline of jehober”, and doing all the ‘right stuff’ for the organization. However, I was also severely neglecting my young family. It took a toll on my beautiful wife and she temporarily found comfort in the arms (bed) of another. Oh well, shit happens!

    Our cordial conversation included all of the above mentioned caveats. So I concluded it by reminding both wife and M-I-L that shame on the wt for ‘fooling us once in 1975—shame on us for being fooled twice by believing that “this generation” would end in 1994! “Returning to Jehovah” would be like fooling me thrice—and that ain’t gonna ever happen!

    Just saying!


  • DesirousOfChange

    Good for you!

  • Crazyguy

    Are your kids in or out with you?

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    A blatant catch 22 of the JW

    A requisite to be promoted to elder is to be an exemplary family man,

    and to become an exemplary elder you have to be a lousy family man. So you would expect elders to be demoted at this point so they can be exemplary family man again and start the cycle all over, but nooo. The Watchtower does not want to get into a vicious circle so they ignore the obvious problem, and they might as well say "Be loyal to the WT in spite of your family"

  • Dunedain

    Eyeuse2badub - Is your JW wife that you had this conversation with, the same wife who cheated on you?

    Or did that happen with your first wife, and you guys divorced?

    The reason why I ask, is because it would be awfully hypocritical of her, and her Mother who would know what happened, to be dictating to YOU what YOU should do to be more "spiritually stronger".

    She should be asking herself those same questions, and leaving your poor ass alone. Just my 2 cents. If that was a different wife, well then just ignore my above statements, lol.

  • Coded Logic
  • eyeuse2badub

    "Are your kids in or out with you?"

    My kids are now 44, 42, 36, and 34. They are all jw's 'in name only'. They have seen my fade and realize why and have made up their own mind regarding watchtowerism. BTW, they are also very good family men and women since none of them have ever "reached out" for the glory of elder-dumb! 7 grandchildren and none of them are very active dubs.


    "Or did that happen with your first wife, and you guys divorced?"

    Still with the same wife, no divorce. I can't really blame her for seeking the comfort of another. She was basically ignored because I was so damn important to the organization. She is a very special woman and I truly love her. Will celebrate our 50th in January.

    just saying!



    Happy anniversary to you and your wife!. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger they say..

  • smiddy

    I take my hat off to you eyeuse2badub ,I really hope your wife appreciates your love and devotion ,sadly , it`s a pity she is still under the thumb of the WT umberella , otherwise your lives together could be so much more meaningful and enjoyable without this distraction of religion interfeering with your marriage.

    I hope you both have a happy 50th anniversary in January.

    50 years of being together married or otherwise , is nothing to be sneezed at in this day and age.

    It`s a milestone., you can both hold your head up high.

  • JWdaughter

    I'm sure that your marriage did a 180 once you started devoting all that time, love and attention to your spouse, instead of the organization. It's too bad that she is buying into their nonsense.

    If the marriage survived and moved on, I am sure you are not pulling the adultery card out whenever you disagree-or the marriage would not have survived. People, even those who love God (however they love God) can make a mistake and it doesn't make everything they do thereafter hypocritical if it is related to following their faith. It's a shame that some would think that alone should shut down any conversations. Obviously it is a part of your story, but it seems to be a lynchpin of YOU coming to your senses about the religion, not your wife. Was she DF'd? I ask because it seems that those who are DF'd and fight their way back in are all the more adamant about the non-truth after they are reinstated.

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