The Truth shall set you free but first it will make you miserable!

by Michele Lyon 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • unique1

    Welcome Michelle.

    I understand your feeling of relief and closeness to God. I never felt close to God when in the Borg. As soon as I stopped attending meetings regularly, I started praying, "If this is the right religion, let me know" OR "If this good news is to be preached, how can I do it without being a JW?" I actually felt like I got answers to my prayers for the first time. I would have my little epiphanies as I called them. All of a sudden things would make sense and I was sure I was doing the right thing leaving the Borg. It is good to know other people did similar things.

  • DJ

    Hi and WELCOME Michelle!

    I too, prayed before I made my decision to leave the jw teachings. I cried out to God in my agony about the "truth". He answered me in a big way. I agree with you on some level that He uses all things to his good purpose. If someone is sincerely seeking His face, He listens and answers. My, dj

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