The Truth shall set you free but first it will make you miserable!

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  • mizpah


    Glad to read you made your escape from the Watchtower Society. I guess none of us realized at the time that a WATCHTOWER is a common feature of a prison. Since many of us couldn't see over the walls, we thought it the only way. Most who have left have taken various paths. Some have kept their faith in God and Christ. Some have have joined other churches. Still others have abandoned all faith. And you will see all these opinions listed on these boards.

    In any case, a warm welcome to you. I'm looking forward to your comments.

  • Elsewhere


    I helped write information for the Awake mag

    I guess that makes you a former member of the "Faithful and Discrete Slave".

    I have always wondered... according to the organization, how does one get to be recognized at part of the FDS? Where does the "food at the proper time" come from? Do angles whisper in their ears?

  • minimus

    Michele, which articles were you involved in?

  • Special K
    Special K

    Welcome to the forum michele

    I hope you enjoy this sharing of thoughts.

    Special K

  • berylblue

    Welcome Michelle

  • OICU8it2

    So glad to have you here. You are apparently a very deep thinker as are many on this board. Look forward to hear more of you thoughts. They started to ring true to me. Converations with God and all where you feel frustrated and have got nothing to lose. welcome

  • rocketman

    I'd also like to hear to what extent you were involved with Awake. Sounds iinteresting.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Welcome. I too look forward to your posts!

  • Michele Lyon
    Michele Lyon

    Little Witch,

    How many people have you heard that comes up with an insight that does not fit into the box of theories that we have all heard? If we do not stretch our minds to new ideas then it is possible we will remain stuck in old ideas that no longer work! If there is no performance required on your part then taking in "new" information cannot hurt you.

    Perhaps, those who choose to stretch are actually meant to understand. Religion does not allow for that option. God allowed people to believe the "Lie". It is now our option if we want to follow a familiar pattern! Or do we wish to experience the endless possibilities that there are understandings beyond organized beliefs.

    Always question but be amazed at the answers! Michele

  • Michele Lyon
    Michele Lyon

    I'm sorry I forgot to answer the question about the Awake articles.

    I co-wrote information on addiction, co-dependency yada, yada. The articles were of course much more diluted than I cared for. During a brief window of time that the Society was not looking. Once they realized all the ramifications of people starting to really look into their lives, it opened a can of worms the Org., could not handle. They in order to maintain control of the masses had to revert quickly to denial. "Thankfully, dear bros. & sis. we do not have the problems the world at large have!" - They were quick to say!

    To answer the other question: was I a member of the faithful & you know what? Thank goodness no! You did not have to be of that class to write or contribute articles.

    God is said that he can make a rock cry out when he wants to. He just uses the most appropriate or most available tool to get a message thru. For however short of a time. He used them and other religions to get a point across, we were just not meant to devote our life to any of them.

    I will devote very little time to the BORG as you all call them! They are not worth renting out condo's in my brain over! Who came up with that brilliant term? My hat's off to him.


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