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  • figureheaduk

    I remember flicking through my ex girlfriends copy of the "proclaimers" book back last year, and there was a page with the pictures of the GB at the time (roundabout 1992 with Henschel, Jaracz et al). Apart from noticing that the GB was totally comprised of males (well, with the WT's almost neanderthalitic view of women, you wouldnt expect a female contingent within the GB would you?), I noticed that they all seemed to be white, and, judging by some of the names, probably American. My question is this - are there / have there ever been any non-white or non-American (or both) GB members, and if not then why not?

  • Hamas

    There's some black dude on it now, he's the first.

    Go to it will tell you more, if you scroll to the bottom and visit the GB section.

  • garybuss

    Simple, Jehovah only works through an American book publishing business founded by Caucasians and now operated by the os! Any questions?

  • figureheaduk
    Simple, Jehovah only works through an American book publishing business founded by Caucasians

    Thought as much................

  • Euphemism

    Martin Poetzinger was German. Gerrit Loesch is Austrian. Lloyd Barry was Australian. George Gangas was Greek. Albert Schroeder lived in Britain a long time, but I'm not sure whether he was actually British or not. There've probably been a few others from Europe.

    But Sam Herd (appointed a couple of years ago) is still the only non-Caucasian.

  • rocketman

    Sure took long enough. One would think that Jah's Org would be ahead of its time on stuff like that, but I guess not.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Jehovah's holy spirit emanates from the region of the star Alcyone in the star cluster we call the Pleiades, and is focused by means of a gravity lens on Brooklyn, NY. Because of the inverse square law, the effects of said Holy Spirit diminish with distance. Thus, the eastern half of the US, and the western edge of the Atlantic ocean*, have the highest concentration of this Holy Spirit. It is therefore only natural that all the members of the governing body would be found and anointed within this region.

    Just the simple fact that Jehovah had planned to resurrect the "ancient worthies" of the Old Testament to live as Princes in California should make it clear that the USA is specially chosen by Jehovah, and that he wants all of mankind to live in an eternally "american Gothic" paradise.

    How much plainer does it have to be?

    *Note that the unspeakable depths of the distant Pacific Ocean - the region in which dread Cthulu lies dreaming - is farthest from this focal point of spiritual mojo.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Satan. What you just espoused seems to make sense....And that bothers me somewhat. Not much, but somewhat.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Because the NEON lights are bright on BROADway....false light on the Ho's way...

    Frannie B

  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    Changes and charges are slow but are on the way for some before the great day.

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