Is there anything that can open a JWs whos dyed in the wools mind

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  • rockemsockem
    We all know that JW who would still believe if Tony Morris killed a baby on the roof of wallkill and put it on the internet. For those people will there come a time when they will see or do you think someone so deep in a cult will never come to realize its all a lie.
  • cofty

    I think they will continue to suppress doubts until something happens that causes them to feel personally hurt.

    Often that is the moment when we allow ourselves to entertain negative thoughts.

    Subtle efforts to feed doubts in advance can pay off eventually.

  • rockemsockem

    I think you have something there. My Father in law was as dyed in the wool as they come. If the GB said it than that was that it was fact. He lost his son in an accident, and wife to Alzheimer and through many bad financial decisions based on the end being close lives with his one daughter. Now he is making statements when my wife visits like slapping a mosquito on his arm and saying Why did Jehovah create these things. And listening to the Rolling Stones and Santana and other comments that would have never ever been thought.

  • smiddy3

    slapping a mosquito on his arm and saying Why did Jehovah create these things.

    And why during God`s reign over Israel were their Leper colonies in Israel think of Naaman.

    why did Israeli soldiers die when fighting Jehovah`s wars against Israelite enemies think of Bathsheba`s husband .

    They weren`t isolated incidents , many people experienced those conditions under God`s rule.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Most JW's can ignore anything as long as their own little "paradise" is OK. But as soon as they get "poked in the eyeball" -- that is, the first time they feel personally attacked -- then there is "trouble in (their) Paradise".

    All of a sudden they doubt the "love". It was OK if anyone or everyone else was dealt with unjustly or were victims to something -- as long as their "personal Paradise" was OK, then they were blind to such injustices. But now, LOOKOUT!

    That's the FIRST DOMINO.............

    Image result for dominoes falling

  • Spiral

    You know, I think the important thing is, don't wait to make your life better outside the cult because you want your loved one(s) to see the truth about the truth.

    Some people will never make the effort to leave - even if they become totally disgusted with what they experience or what they see others experiencing.

    I think a lot of Ex JWs are desperately waiting for family to "see the light" and leave. It's wonderful when it happens, but don't put your life on hold waiting for others.

  • Humphry

    I'm sure there is no universal magic thing that can break the Watchtower's spell upon its mesmerized victims.

    If there was one it would be great. I think the way things are going with all the public scandal and lawsuits the WT is facing and paying out, the sale of many kingdom halls is causing many to come out of this spell which should increase in magnitude as times go on. The Watchtower propaganda hey days are long gone it's all down hill from here and they will keep on downsizing till they can't downsize no more, depending on the stupidity or this lost in the fog Governing Body to ride Jehovah's Chariot into the sun for a crash burn finale.

    Nature running its course I'd say 50% losses in membership support in the next few years perhaps becoming exponential and no longer linearly losses after that point. I hope soon that only people left will be very old timers with no place left to go so they just barely hang on. Nobody's really interested in their dooms day message, cart work is a huge joke no signs of growth anywhere on the globe. They are threw, they are just in too much denial to come to terms with the idea so keep printing these worthless tracts and screwy paper back books that nobody in their right minds ever gonna read.

  • Vidiot

    The hard-core loyalists would only allow themselves to accept it if the GB members themselves publicly renounced their faith, and even then...

  •  The Bethelite
    The Bethelite

    Maybe if one of the governing body wrote a book about how corrupt the organization is that might do it.....oh I guess someone did that.

  • Tameria2001

    Some people would remain JW for the sole reason they became a JW in the first place, and that is the power they think they can hold over others...AKA my father-in-law.

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