Is there anything that can open a JWs whos dyed in the wools mind

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  • Balaamsass2

    Questions help. Like" If you lived in ancient Isreal and the City Elders told you to...(Worship Baal, Molech, Golden Calf...who would you be loyal too?)They were "God's organization..or were they?.... Why are more pages of the bible written about bad kings than good kings..or even the early part of Jesus life? What do think the lesson is??? If blood transfusions are wrong because blood REPRESENTS LIFE or the representation of life more important? So then suicide is OK? Or is suicide wrong? Is God perfect? If he is, then why does he flip flop on:( ). Does god hate lying? Who is the father of the lie? Why does Watchtower teach differently? (Lies=Theocratic strategy)?

  • LongHairGal


    Your post hits the nail on the head. Yes, it’s been obvious that the JW religion’s heyday is long gone.

    I also agree that in the next few years more support will drop off as older members die and possibly also because they don’t want to travel long distances to attend the kingdom hall. I also expect some younger Witnesses will throw in the towel for various reasons.

    One thing though: if they keep selling off hall after hall this will contribute towards more leaving...For those who want out: this is great news! However, for desperate types looking for assistance who NEED to be there - not good news..Not only fewer and further away halls, but a shrinking pool of people..There aint gonna be anybody to beg money from.

    Anybody in this category (maybe some ex-bethelites and other needy types) had BETTER see the handwriting on the wall and prepare for this eventuality!..Ask brothers with businesses and connections to help with employment opportunities.. I would act soon before everything all disappears - so as not to be up Shit’s Creek without a paddle..Just my opinion.

    I could be wrong but I see this happening if things continue as they are in the religion.

  • smiddy3

    As the saying goes " none are so blind as those who refuse to see"

    Some people are just happy to have there head up their arse.

    Others are quite happy to keep their head buried in the sand.

    There are different sets of circumstances for different people that have to happen in a persons life before they start questioning what they believe ,and its only when that happens can the scales fall from their eyes and they can take off the rosy coloured glasses and see TTATT for what it really is.

  • Phizzy

    I think one major problem for " waking up" those still in the Org is that for 99.99999% of them Facts and Evidence simply do not matter. They have no interest in real Truth.

    The fact that they swallow Doctrine change and other shite so easily proves that their attachment to the Org. is purely emotional.

    Like an Abused spouse who stays with their partner regardless, because they "love" them.

  • waton

    To open that mind would require a cherished belief to be proven wrong, provided that person is honest.

  • dozy

    I think most of the truly "dyed in the wool" JWs will never leave the Org - they will die still thinking it is the truth & Armageddon is still "just around the corner". Taking the mental and then physical steps to leave a cult ( like JWs or Mormons ) takes enormous effort.

    I was struck by a recent interview by Amber Scorah on John Cedars Youtube channel where she says had she not gone to China as a "need-greater" she would 100% still be a JW today. It tends to take some kind of major change in circumstances to break the chains , and requires to be a person who has a degree of honesty , self awareness and capable of self-examination. Being a JW tends to suppress such qualities.

    For me - even though I was never a totally 100% convinced JW , it took a really bad congregation "lack of love" incident , coupled with a kind of "Truman Show" gradual awareness of inconsistencies and finally a lot of research to leave.

  • Xanthippe

    For dyed in the wool read mentally lazy. There's too much information around to not know what this religion is really about.

    If you or I want to know about anything we Google it straight away. You can do it on the phone in your pocket. Nobody will know or be stumbled! No excuses left.

    Cowards that's what those are who don't leave after decades in this cult.

  • Tenacious

    Nothing short of a bolt of lightning will jar them awake.

    The programming has already reached the subconscious so they are basically hardwired until death.

    It's only when they start missing the programming/reinforcement sessions (meetings) and read, hear, or view something that peeks their curiosity that can start to crack that programming.

    This is the primary reason why the leaders want members at those meetings come rain, shine, hurricane, blizzard, etc. That's why the leaders always vilify anything that will take you away from attending.

    The leaders are not stupid and they know exactly what they are doing. Sad state of affairs for members deep in this dung.

  • BluesBrother

    I would not say nothing wlll change them but it will take a personal experience of life changing did with me. Logic and reasoning are not enough.

    One must be ready to really question and think the unthinkable. "Could it really be all untrue?"

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