Do any of you ex JW`s ever feel ashamed or embarrassed to admit you were once a JW? To your now friends / associates ?

by smiddy3 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • JeffT

    It's not something I just blurt out the second I meet someone, but most people who have known me for awhile know I'm an XJW. I've run into two reactions to it, frequently from the same person. 1) interested in what it was like, and wanting to hear about it 2) admiration for the fact that I was able to break free of it. It seems to me the more of (1) they hear, the more (2) shows up.

  • RolRod

    I never bring it up, of course most of my friends know that I was a JW. But I normally don't bring it up with new friends I may make. It's not important. Although I defend them, if the subject comes up and I find people speaking falsehoods. I'm "friends" with a few ex-JWs on Facebook, and sometimes I can't believe the BS I hear them spew about the Witnesses. I'm like "where did you get that from?" or "Do you have proof?" "Give me a reference." I mean the Society has enough skeletons in their closets, you don't have to make things up!

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