Repository for JW "experiences" with Hurricane Harvey

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  • krismalone

    The problem with Watchtower doing "relief" work and claiming to be a charity is that they are profiting big time! At the same time they blow their horns to the whole world that they are showing true love and compassion. The reality is they should be upfront with everyone and let them know they are there to make a profit and promote the worship of the 7 lords in Warwick. They pay no labor, no taxes, no food or shelter for their volunteers. On top of that they keep the insurance check proceeds.

    Not even the mafia are as clever and deceitful as the Watchtower!

  • smiddy3

    darkspilver :

    Those 3 links you provided of JW`s helping their "own" are all about only "one" family, obviously family members of JW`s or a family involved in studying with JW`s.

    Because they will not lift a finger to help anybody not associated with jehovah`s witnesses.

  • darkspilver

    smiddy3 - thank you for your comments.

    The OP Sir82 wanted to build a 'repository' of JW experiences with Hurricane Harvey - I am sure that, once collected, Sir82 will be able to editorialize everything within the context of the whole repository.

    Therefore, as per Sir82's original request, I'm just posting here what I find/know about, without commenting (either for or against) - I'm just acting as the messenger.

    Personally I do think it would be remiss of Sir82 to ignore the pictures I posted here - excluding the WT's own online and offline media - I believe those pictures will become the most widely distributed photos of JWs involved in Hurricane Harvey - and it is important that Sir82 does contextualize them within the comments you made.

    Remember, those pictures appear to be popping up around the world....

    USA Minnesota:

    USA Denver:

    CANADA Montreal:

    BOLIVIA La Paz:


  • Londo111

    JWs aren't the only people who use natural disasters for PR purposes and make grandiose claims.

  • darkspilver

    The tragic story of Wilma Jean Ellis - this is on the front page of The New York Times today (Sunday, September 17, 2017) and has been promoted by the NYT in a series of tweets:

    "The rescue of Wilma Jean Ellis was one of Hurricane Harvey's heroic tales, until it wasn't."

    "How did Wilma Jean Ellis, who was rescued twice from Hurricane Harvey's floodwaters caused, end up in a body bag?"

    "Catastrophic storms have their measurable aspects. Then there is the unknowable, like how Wilma Jean Ellis perished."

    Twice Saved From Houston Floods but Still, Mysteriously, a Victim

    The New York Times, Sunday, September 17, 2017 (front page of print edition)

    It was a hard choice, but in the end it was no choice at all. A small rescue boat had come up the driveway, offering help. Carl Ellis was with his frail, 73-year-old mother, Wilma Jean. The boat had room for one.

    The water was already up to Mr. Ellis’s knees, so there was no time to wait for rescuers with more room. His mother would have to go alone.

    Using the back of a pickup truck as a gangplank, Mr. Ellis helped his mother into the boat, her belongings trussed up in garbage bags. There were no life jackets, but it was a short trip and the rescuers promised to come right back for him.

    He never saw them — or his mother — again.

    The peak of desperation for northeast Houston residents inundated by Hurricane Harvey came on Monday, Aug. 28. Greens Bayou had swelled to a record 43.4 feet where it crossed Tidwell Road, dislodging cars and ripping apartment walls down to their studs.

    In the middle-class, predominantly black neighborhood where Ms. Ellis lived in a one-story brick house, people woke in the wee hours to find the water seeping in. Hundreds — if not thousands — of people escaped in watercraft of every description.

    The water turned thick and oily, boiling with angry clusters of fire ants.

    Sometime around 7 a.m., three men in a boat motored up the driveway of Ms. Ellis’s house on Drifting Winds Drive.

    Ms. Ellis was an energetic woman — a committed Jehovah’s Witness who made boudin sausage from scratch, played video games on a Sega Genesis, drove a gargantuan pickup truck with a grille the size of a portcullis and enjoyed the occasional nip of Windsor Canadian.

    But she had recently had surgery, followed by a stroke, family members said.

    So Mr. Ellis didn’t stop to ask exactly who the men in the boat were — he just helped his mother aboard. She still wore the hospital bracelet from her recent treatment...


    FYI the JW website posted a 'news' article about Hurricane Harvey a couple of days previous, on Thursday...

    Witnesses in the United States Cope With Impact of Hurricane Harvey

    JWorg, Thursday, September 14, 2017

    Approximately 84,000 Witnesses live in the areas impacted by Harvey. No deaths are reported among our brothers and sisters, although nine were injured and five have been hospitalized.


  • darkspilver

    Almost a week after the above New York Times front page story - the WT have now added the following to their 'news' page regarding Hurricane Harvey (featured in 'bold' at the top of the original news item):

    Update: Sadly, it has been confirmed that one elderly sister died as a result of Hurricane Harvey.


    It should be noted that, while the very brief details that WT gives do match up with the NYT article, so although it is likely this is the tragic death that the WT refer to, there is no actual definite confirmation.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Regards the insurance money... if the "brothers" help you with the rebuild, even though it's typically at the local congregation's and volunteers' expense the WT does indeed collect the insurance money. This is outlined in the RBC manuals to send the information to WTBTS HQ so they can negotiate with insurance companies and they will bill the policy accordingly.

    I remember reading something to the effect that "the affected should not request payment from the insurance" because the policy pays out to the WTBTS and then a bible verse about not bearing false witness and defrauding.

    "Watchtower Bible and Tract Society" in Brooklyn, NY holds a Special Electrician, Plumber, Superintendent Of Construction, Welder, Sign Hanger etc according to the New York license board.

    License numbers: 093869, 001515, 020144, 093798, 093866, 093799, 093800, 003786, 000180, 093867, 093280, 006180, 093868

    So basically, they ARE a "General Contractor" with various licenses.

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