There's nothing to watch on TV anymore ???

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  • smiddy3

    I don`t know , i have Netflix ,fetch ,flex ,I view ABC ,SBS on demand , and I just find it hard to keep up with all that I am watching , without neglecting my role as husband and carer for my wife and duties around the house .

    A couple of shows that I like now. Doco`s, True Detective , Black Mirror ,Designated survivor , etc,etc. and am now looking forward to a new free to air from SBS World Movies in HD starting on the 1st of July.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Well, I live in Boltonville, in the United British Kingdom of England-land and over here, households must pay an annual TV licence just to watch TV.

    I started as a university student in September 2012 living on campus and I chose not to pay my TV licence. It's 2019 and I still haven't bothered paying.

    I don't miss TV except for the Discovery channel and the BBC when it broadcasts live sports.

  • Xanthippe

    British drama has been brilliant lately. I've enjoyed Summer of Rockets, Years and Years and Gentlemen Jack. Look out for them if they come over the pond.

    I've got rid of cable and just have the actual free freeview, no top box nonsense. Very happy with freeview if any Brits want to know.

  • sir82
  • blondie

    It is eye opening to read your comments. It is the summer season now and the NBC, etc., are peppered with resurrected tv games shows. There are a few summer premieres that last until fall, but not many.

    I have noticed that more and more of the shows I watch are non-fiction (or claim to be). Such as Life Below Zero, Mountain Men, Secrets of the Dead, Egyptian files, Science and Discovery channels, for example too.

    3 of my shows have their final season starting next fall, 15 years airing. What will replace them? I always watch the new shows each fall at least for one episode. Last year, only 2 of the new ones survived the first cut. And now only one survives.

    I do learn a lot from the history and science shows.

    I have been using On Demand to rewatch older shows. I watch my tv watching time though. If it reaches a certain threshold, I start deleting shows.

    It is summer now and I give my flowers and garden my first priority. Then I do things outdoors that I can't do in winter, camp, visit the zoo, go to outdoor concerts, visit garden settings at the university, visit historical sites, etc.


  • Onager

    I have a 4 year old and just scrolling through Netflix is problematic. Either he sees a scary image, some of the zombie shows have particularly gruesome cover pics or, even worse, he sees something like Peppa Pig or Wishenpoof and we have to watch that instead of something I might like..

    I've been watching a family quiz show with Dara O'Brian on BBC2 on TV recently, but after that I usually end up on the horror channel watching Star Trek re-runs or Diners Drive-ins and Dives on the Food Network. Until I get the controller taken off me and it's back to fecking kids shows again.

    I remember watching the Two Ronnies or Morecombe and Wise with my whole family on a Saturday evening when I was a kid. There doesn't seem to be that sort of general appeal TV any more, it's all niche.

  • Vidiot

    Viewers have never been more spoiled for choice, and it's only going to increase.

    I have a sort-of backlog of shows that have ended that I'd still like to get around to some day.

  • redvip2000

    Nonsense. How can you even compare the options you have today with TV 25 or 30 years ago? Yes you had 4 channels, and of course TV stations recognized they had to show programs that were mainstream enough to capture most of the audience, but the audience was a lot less demanding those days.

    If these days are you are tired of seeing the same types of shows ( auctioning off lockers, reality shows, etc), it simply means you insist of going to the wrong channels. The fact is that regardless of what you like to see, there are enough options out there that pretty much guarantees that something you like will be on at any given time.

    When I sit down to watch tv, i pick up my remote and use the voice function to say something like " Soccer", or "Nature", or "News" and it gives me the list of channels that are currently playing those shows. How could you even compare this convenience with TV 30 years ago. Just silly.

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