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  • leslane

    I will really keep your advise in mind happyout, it sounds extremely applicable. I give respect where respect is earned, my parents most often earn it, so I do respect them. But in case of growing resentment, I will make sure to always repsect them.

    (lots of R's in that sentence lol)

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Leslane, I hope that this situation doesn't come to crisis dimensions, but if it does, cher...just remember that you can contact Child Protective Services and they *will* back you....so.....you can obtain support from the Lesbian/Gay Support Group and you have backup with CPS....and all your new-found "buds" here on this forum...there's no way you can't get thru this...Hope you don't have many years to reach the magic age of adulthood....If it becomes too difficult for you, another way to go would be to seek emancipation.


    Frannie B

  • Mary

    Hi Lesland;

    You mentioned that you are underage. If you plan on moving out when you're 18, I would like to suggest that you get a part-time job NOW, start saving all the money you can, so that you CAN move out when you're 18 and don't have to answer to your parents any more. And yes, just keep telling your parents that you're "considering" getting baptized, but want to understand the religion better before you make the big jump ...........believe me, they'll believe it because they want to. And if you REALLY wanna throw them off track about your sexual preferences, start dropping hints about one of the boys at the Hall and how cute you think he is........

  • teejay

    Hi Leslane,

    Can't offer any better advice than what you've already gotten but just wanna say that I think you got guts and welcome to the board!

  • berylblue

    Leslane, I don't have any advice for you, but I want you to know I truly admire your courage. Welcome!!! You will meet many wonderful people here.


  • badolputtytat

    Hi Leslane... Welcome

    I am no expert... and I haven't read all the replies... but being gay certainly isn't the only reason for avoiding being dunked in the bath-tub... if you are looking to "delay" the thing, just tell him you have other issues. Maybe suggest that you are just having doubts.... or you could just fail the test questions. Maybe express one little tiny disagreement when the elders give you the questions.

    Whatever you do, don't let your sexuality become the main issue. That just gives them an excuse to "de-program" you.

    Anyway... You are welcome here, I am sure I speak for the majority in saying that


  • oldcrowwoman

    Welcome to the board Leslane

    From one sister to another(not the jw sense)

    I admire your strength and courage and it sounds like you have a level head.

    There are several places on this site with coming out stories. And I am envious hearing you came out at a young age. I was 39 years old in coming out. I don't discount those years. I have have two adult daughters sharing our lives outside of the org.

    To let you know I am there if you need support. Can always PM me.


  • eisenstein

    Welcome Leslane!!!

    It is rare to see someone so young who knows who and what they are about and what they want to do with their life. If I can give you any advise it is to get involved in a support group in your area like the org Emma mentions. I don't recommend getting baptized with the way you are feeling, you would be living a lie and never be able to live up to the expectations of the demands of the organization. I didn't realize I was gay until I had already been baptized and my coming out had tragic consequences, physically and emotionally...there was no one to confide in and understand and if I would have been able to do it differently I would have walked away from the "truth" at that time and not try to live a lie and I would have gotten into a support group or therapy to help deal with all of the guilt and shame I was feeling from all of the brainwashing, etc. This forum is a very good source for support also, so welcome and I hope that whatever you decide you will live up to your own truth!!!


  • Lapuce

    Welcome to the forum Leslane, dont let them win by getting baptised, that is the last thing you want to do it will lead you to your doom if you do as they can accuse you of anything and then you will be shuned, fight back!!!


  • gambit

    Welcome leslane...

    You have tremendous guts, will, and intelligence for such a young age...

    Take your time, watch your anger, you can only control your response...

    By the way you express yourself, I am guessing that you write as much or more than you read, and you are aware enough to stretch your horizons to your capabilities... keep it up !

    Best of luck...


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