Crisis of Conscience Update Status

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  • blondie
  • konceptual99

    Well that's something I guess...

  • blondie

    So, kon, are you a trained person in copyright law and publishing? Or do you know how much time it takes a person to read through a manuscript even an updated one? Maybe, I don't know you. But I know me and the woman who is lovingly donating much of her time to do this. My first ten years were spent in a publishing firm editing and proofing scientific manuscripts working with copyright lawyers. Still do take on a project or two from the local university.

    If you haven't already done a personal book about your jw experiences, and/or your friends and family, that would be nice.

  • maninthemiddle

    I bought what I thought was a legitimate PDF from Commentary Press a few years ago. So it was already digital then, although it would appear it had older photos in it.

    I don't understand why it needs anything added to it.

  • Darkknight757

    Good news indeed!! Even if it takes some time for this to become legal, people need this book. 50 pages in and my conscience was no longer plagued by missing meetings and service for the org.

    Every dub needs this book available to aid in recovery and getting out of the cult.

  • konceptual99

    Dear Blondie. I have no gripe against the copyright holder and her efforts and I do actually know what it takes to write a book (over 700 pages btw) and get it published because I did it over 10 years ago. I am supportive of the efforts and work it takes to get this sort of thing done, especially given the voluntary nature of the task. I also do not like to see the work undermined by the continued availability of CoC through unofficial sources.

    Having said that, I know there was a large amount of goodwill in places like here to support the CRH in her work and get the book out and available as quickly as possible. To the best of my knowledge little of that help has been accepted and it has taken a long time to get even to where we are now which is still rough draft.

    My gut feel, on that basis, is that we shall still be waiting for CoC to be properly released into next year. I also think the continued lead time undermines the relevance and import of Ray Franz's work.

    I accept that my response could reflect a little more positivity however I am underwhelmed and the link to the update was put on a discussion forum. Implying that only those that have written a book about their JW experiences and published it have a right to express an opinion is a distraction. Regardless of the work being done by the CRH to do all the copyright due diligence, check the manuscript etc., the book was already there. It was already written (albeit with some updates to be sorted as I understand it) and this exercise is about getting it back out into the hands of truth seekers through an official route.

    I do wish the CPH my best and look forward to hearing more progress as soon as possible.

  • xelder

    I agree koncept.....Blondie, The following is also a ridiculous statement submitted as a comparison.

    Blondie, have you ever been a JW elder? No, but you still comment on this board, right?

    Maybe you just had a bad day...thanks for your posts :)

    Sometimes, we forget and act like the JW leadership that we all got away from.

  • Diogenesister

    Xelder....well said.

    There is often a lot of one-up manship on exdub forums....a hangover, as you said, no doubt. Often to the detriment of the less educated, professionally experienced or confident amoung us.....a shame given our under- privileged background.

  • blondie

    Not to keep this going, but I know Simon too for a long time and I know that he never designed this board for jw elders alone to comment on. I was just one of this sassy sisters who did not know my place.

  • wannaexit

    In all fairness to kon, his comment did not reflect any ill will towards the efforts of Ms. Dykstra (spel?).

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