Crisis of Conscience Update Status

by blondie 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • Simon

    I think everyone is just keen and eager to see this completed and successful, let's keep the focus on how we can support that and promote it again when it is to a whole new generation of soon-to-be exJWs.

    Not to keep this going, but I know Simon too for a long time and I know that he never designed this board for jw elders alone to comment on. I was just one of this sassy sisters who did not know my place.

    Correct. I sometimes get the impression from some people that they think "status" in the WTS should carry over and people imagine they should inherit some position or respect in our ranks. The reality is, we have no structure - it doesn't matter if, like me, you were nothing more than a below-average joe-publisher ... you can be just the same 'nothing' here too, just like everyone else, LOL.

  • Simon

    And Angharad just told me "that sounded like you are saying "Correct" to the "Sassy sister part" in a "know your place" kind of way.

    Just wanted to make clear that's definitely not what I meant!

  • xelder

    Exactly Simon.....was just reminding the nice lady of that very point.

  • Simon

    I don't think Blondie meant it other than to try to explain to people who may not know, how much work and effort is involved.

  • NewYork44M

    Thank you for the update. The ethical response to this is for everyone to sit tight and let the process move to completion.

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