Have You Ever Found Yourself Really Not Liking Someone Here?

by minimus 28 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    I've been on this board for years. 99% of the posters here I do not personally know. Most I like. A few, maybe not so much...lol..... Do posters here get you upset to the point that you really don't like them? (Other than me, of course)😊

  • millie210

    I love you!

    You will always be my little red dot

    there was a female poster once that wore thin on me but havent seen her in ages, so I cant complain!

  • minimus

    Awww thanks honey!!!

  • minimus

    Do you remember Farkel? He was on here for many years before he passed away. He was an acquired taste. He was very intelligent and verbally could cut you up like a surgeon. However I understand that on a personal one on one basis he was a very sweet man. You never know what people are really like outside of their posting.

  • DesirousOfChange

    As it is with any group of people, some are great fun, some are not so much fun, and some are not to be enjoyed (and some of the latter group would do their best to keep you from enjoying anything at all if you get to caught up with them and their "'issues"). It takes all kinds. . . . . So like any other ala carte buffet, pick who you choose and who you like and ignore the icky stuff. NO ONE is forcing you to read ALL the posts from ALL the members.

    I don't read anything that would require reams of paper if printed.

    Nor do I buy green bananas.

    Life is too short. Make it count!

  • ShirleyW

    Well that's only human to think that everyone here doesn't care for certain others here, I'm sure my name has been torn apart at times by a few who post here and I wasn't too crazy about a few folks myself. I will say though out of the three posters who drove me absolutely crazy, none of them post here anymore, one was booted for sure and of the other two, I don't know if they faded or were booted as well

  • jp1692

    Oh, yeah, but not anyone that's posted on this thread ... at least so far!

  • Phizzy

    Over the years we have had all sorts on here, the ones who really annoyed me were the ones who simply refused to debate, it was their view or none.

    Some of the JW Apologists were the worst, simply ignoring Posts that shot them out of the water, and re-stating their nonsense.

    The other kind of Poster I find annoying are those who do not read Posts by others on a Thread and either repeat what has been said already, or totally miss the point.

    The sad thing is that the Heavy Hitters we used to have on here, Leolaia, Alan F, dear old Farkel etc etc, have moved on, leaving it a far more trivial place.

  • Thisismein1972

    Anyone can post anything in cyberspace and be relatively incognito. In my opinion (and myself included) we can lose our inhibitions a little more when we are anonymous. Recently I replied to a post regarding Islam and the so called war on terror after the Third attack on UK soil. My beliefs will not necessarily be the beliefs of others, but as we all came from a high control fundamental religion that taught us all that we had the truth and because of this, debating was a futile exercise, sometimes we don't realise that this way of life we once had has been deeply instilled in us. Thence we try to make others see things our way. This can rub many people up the wrong way, and can be perceived to be rather arrogant in nature.

    Not everyone will get on, we are all individuals, although we were taught we were all one with the Borg (I'm Locutus before anyone tries to take this spot 🤣) We do not have to get along with everybody, some will have totally different personalities than others.

    Personally I think the world operates just fine no matter if one gets on with another or not. No matter what happens, there is always one constant, the earth keeps spinning with all 7 billion, and growing and the universe eventually equals things out.

    And as for me (United we shall be, oops old habits die hard!) I came to the conclusion that it would be best to take a step back from replying to my previous post. I realised I was arguing with anonymous individuals. When you come to this conclusion, you realise just how bazaar in surreal the whole experience can be.

  • jookbeard

    yes, oh yes, a crazed up jw apologist who I knew as a kid, god was she fucked up

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