What I Learned in the Peace Corps in Africa: Trump Is Right

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  • mikeflood

    I don't know but before First World countries give a ton of money as developing aid or whatever they should check about corruption. It's a big businesses, most of the money ends back in fat third world politicians bank accounts in the first world or end being spent in luxury good or weapons.

  • Simon
    I'd be interested to know what you think about the latter part of my post - cut interest on African countries' debt in exchange for said countries obeying the stipulations I set out ... would some kind of deal along those lines be sensible?

    I think aid should always be delivered directly to the people who need it or, if monetary, based on conditions of use and behavior of the regime.

    Let's be honest, much of what gets classed as "aid" is nothing of the sort - it's payments to prop up certain dictators or to destabilize or fight against some other group in the region.

    How much is paid to the Palestinian authority as "aid" which really goes toward payments to terrorists?

    Stop paying and those governments would topple and the people would get a better future without needing so many handouts all the time (which probably never get to them anyway).

    And make sure money is actually spent on the things it's supposed to be spent on: read about Haiti and the Clinton Foundation. Shocking.

  • Driveby
    the concept of punishing homosexuals in Africa long predates US Christian fundamentalism in Uganda.

    It's called fundamentalism. Christian fundamentalism = Islamic fundamentalism.

  • Simon
    Christian fundamentalism = Islamic fundamentalism

    Nope, nope, nope - stop this LIE. They are completely different in behavior and in the harm they do.

    Christians, even the fundamentalist ones, rarely throw people off buildings. The Westboro Baptist Church are one of the most extreme groups but a) they are TINY and b) they only shout and wave banners. No beheadings happening. They are not the same.

  • freemindfade
    Christian fundamentalism = Islamic fundamentalism.

    This may be one of the stupidest things I've heard on here... amazing.

    Christianity was likely an engineered ideology of the Romans to create a religion that held elements of the past Jewish religion mixed with pagan religions and promoted pacifism for a reason.

    Turn the other cheek

    Love your neighbor

    Pay your taxes!

    The fundies on Christianity are on the fringe, the fundies in Islam are the whole center. It's so simple. You can't excuse Christianity from its own flaws, but you can't compare it to a religion that venerates a pedophile warlord.


  • redvip2000
    this isn't 'racism', that catch-all smear that is often used to shut down debate, it's the unfortunate reality of more than a few African countries

    Again, i've made this point before, but this is not about whether something is true or not. This is about the ability for someone to say the right thing in the right context.

    Nobody disagrees that many of these places are indeed hell holes -- it's fine for us to say these things over a beer with our friends, or discuss in this forum.

    But let's say, your boss introduces you to a new business partner from Senegal. Are you going to tell him he comes from a shithole country? NO? why not? you know why not....because you recognize some truths are better left unsaid sometimes.

    Now multiply this X 1000, where you have the president of the United States with the visibility he has around the world, saying these things, as the big baffoon that he is. He knows about diplomacy as much as i know about carpentry.

  • sir82

    Christianity was likely an engineered ideology of the Romans to create a religion that held elements of the past Jewish religion mixed with pagan religions and promoted pacifism for a reason.

    New thought for me.

    Question: Why would the Romans torture & kill 10's if not 100's of thousands of people who chose to belong to an ideology that they themselves "engineered"?

    Seems like there would be better ways to make your preferred outcome more appealing to the masses.

  • Driveby
    Nope, nope, nope - stop this LIE. They are completely different in behavior and in the harm they do.

    Do you do standup?

  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane
    Nope, nope, nope - stop this LIE. They are completely different in behavior and in the harm they do.

    Well, no and yes. Let’s put it all into some perspective. Sure, we don’t see the present-day Catholics executing Aztec natives who refuse to covert to Christianity, just as we don’t see “witches” getting burned alive by Protestants, anymore. But it DID happen, and there is no denying that. Thanks to historical movements such as the Renaissance, the age of enlightenment, the industrial revolution, the advance of science, and the birth of modern democracy, we don’t see that level of savagery in modern Christianity. Note that THROUGHOUT history, while the west was advancing in knowledge and technology, the MIDDLE EAST, especially the Arabian Peninsula, remained fairly isolated. The Wahhabists of present day Saudi Arabia were, more or less, still stuck in the 14th century when Royal Dutch Shell, and others discovered oil in the regiion during the 1920s-30s. Hence, they have had LESS than a century to go from 14th century Wahabbist Islam to the modern world. I’m NOT making excuses for them, in any way, just stating the facts. What’s made things WORSE, in my view, the the willingness of certain countries, including my own beloved USA, to look the other way when it comes to encourging these countries to REFORM. In other words, to HOLD THEIR FEET to the FIRE. Yet, because we have become so ADDICTED to their oil, we ignore their abysmal human rights record, which includes public beheadings, limb (hand or foot) decapitations, and lashings, Guest workers from India, Pakistan, and the Phillipines often bear the brunt of this, as do Saudi women. The Saudi men usually get off scot-free, and the western expats who work in the oil industry (geologists & engineers) are normally safe as well.

    In so many words, we sort of helped create this monster. And, it doesn’t help the our current President sees fit to COZY UP to the corrupt Saudi regime. He’s real quick to lambast LEGAL immigration from “shit-hole” countries, yet gives the Saudis the old wink-wink & nod.

    The TRUMPANZEES, er....Orangutans, who blindly support this dotard in chief, are fine with a complete travel ban placed on certain countries where RADICAL ISLAMISTS have been known to operate. YET, they are completely IGNORANT of the fact the these terrorists are influenced by the very same Wahhabist mindset that engulfs Saudi f’n Arabia!! Not to mention the funding, and “talent” that comes from Saudi, to the various networks in Yemen, Syria, ect. SAUDI is the problem. But hey, they have oil. PLUS....speaking of corruption, Donnie boy has EIGHT companies that are registered in Saudi Arabia. Hmmmm, no wonder he won’t release his finances. Just sayin.

    I know I’ll get negative points from all the Trump lovers out there, bur it had to be said. By far the way, I was based in Dahran KSA, in the early 2000s, plus had an apartment in Bahrain. And, I’ve traveled extensively to UAE and Egypt. Eastern Africa not as much. West Africa, never. Well, not YET. LoL.

  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    ....”by far the way”....wtf?? I didn’t type it like that! Or didn’t mean too. Well, I’m standing outside on a cold airport ramp. Must’ve fat-fingered it.

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