What I Learned in the Peace Corps in Africa: Trump Is Right

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  • princecharmant

    Quite a pathetic article and even more pathetic responses, mostly coming from people who know so little about "Africa", or who think Africa is one country. It is so very sad that a stay in one rural African community can serve as the only brush to paint a whole continent in one dark stroke. Please do visit Africa, not just one "fecal territory" before you come up with some of the terrible and reinforced biases that have come out of many comments I have read so far (women prostituting to have a few coins to feed their families, a continent happy to practice excision, men lazying about all day and leaving the bulk of work to women, gay bashing - as if that is exclusive to Africa, etc.). I lived eleven years in North Africa; I now live in West Africa. I have visited and worked in well over thirty African countries. Yes, there are challenges facing African countries but a little bit of deeper knowledge without racial biases would go a long way to understanding why some parts of Africa are where they are today. Better still, it will open eyes as to why so many other sections of African society are forging ahead without people stealing to give to their extended families (what idiocy) or defecating on highways.


  • LoveUniHateExams


    Actually I'm learning quite a bit about African countries.

    Care to point out which bits of my post are inaccurate or incorrect? I'd be happy to discuss it with you.

    BTW interesting that you've lived all over Africa for such a long time. Which languages do you speak? Do you speak the colonial languages such as Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, etc. and did you pick up any phrases of native African languages?

  • never a jw
    never a jw


    "Care to point out which bits of my post are inaccurate or incorrect?"

    If you dig deep enough everything you said is accurate, even if we apply it to Western countries. Bill Gates knows well of all the problems that you mentioned and has decided to provide help, especially to eradicate some diseases. I guess there's choices we can make. Either do as president Trump does or do as Bill Gates does. Extend your helping hand or extend the middle finger.

  • _Morpheus
    Give a man a fish...
  • LoveUniHateExams

    @never a jw - agreed, being positive is better than being negative.

    So, how can the West help struggling African countries in a sensible manner?

    How about the following: instead of giving monetary aid, the West could send builders, mechanics, engineers to help build wells, houses, etc. Monetary aid has for too long been snuffled away by African leaders who have their snouts firmly in the trough. This wouldn't allow that to happen.

    Cancelling the interest on African debt could be part of a package, as long as the countries' leaders sign forms saying that they'll abide by certain conditions made by us, such as ...

    no nuclear weapons programs

    ending de facto slavery and servitude

    legalisation of homosexuality and extra-marital sex among consenting adults

    education for girls and boys

    making FGM illegal/eradicating FGM

    cracking down on witch doctors who hack off body parts from Albinos to use in 'traditional medicine'

    Sound good?

  • Simon
    the West could send builders, mechanics, engineers to help build wells, houses, etc.

    Exactly what knowledge of building things is secret or hidden?

    When people go to dig a well ... why can't the people dig their own well?

    How did people dig wells in the UK and US hundred of years ago?

    What exactly are they 'working on' when no-one from the west is coming to dig their well?

    In a way they mirror many of the native american problems - drive past any reserve lands and you'll see crappy houses, no maintenance, rubbish everywhere, nothing built and no construction happening unless outsiders come and do it for them.

    Seems like a cultural thing. If you live a subsistence lifestyle you don't have the conveniences and infrastructure that you have if you invest in building that infrastructure. It takes effort and endeavour and 'we' figured out that it was beneficial to improve life for individuals and society as a whole. Having the example of industrialization and the inventions of others to use makes it inexcusable for people to sit on their arses doing nothing.

    After decades of aid being sent, Africa is largely as non-self sufficient as it ever was and will lurch from civil war to famine continuously. It's the result of tribalism, valuing the wrong things, rife corruption, backward religion and crime.

    Of course, all cultures are exactly equal and valuable and we are no better than them.

  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    To the OP.

    Trump=right about the immigrants from all those shit-hole countries?


    Consider what Major Ademola Fabayo-a NIGERIAN born American Citizen, did in the MARINE CORPS!!

    He earned the Navy Cross (2nd only to the Medal of Honor) in combat valor. He navigated the kill zone ON FOOT, “engaging the enemy at close range with his M-4 rifle.” He moved under heavy fire to recover a wounded US soldier, then drove an unarmored truck to locate a team of missing Marines.

    Oh... but he was just from one of those shit-hole countries, right???

    Hey! What about Marine Staff Sgt. Juan Rodriguez-Chavez, who is from MEXICO, originally. He ALSO earned the NAVY CROSS, by penetrating that same kill zone three times, while under intense enemy fire!!

    Pfc. Emmanuel Mensah, a member of the Army National Guard who immigrated from GHANA several years ago, was killed in a Dec. 28 fire in New York’s Bronx section while attempting to rescue others. He saved four lives, and will receive the Soldiers Medal—the HIGHEST Army award outside of combat duty.

    OH, I’M NOT FINISHED, YET...TRUMPTARDS!!!!! You still with me??? Or have you already succumbed to yelling “lelelelele!!” with your fingers jammed in your ears?

    Pictured here, is the...

    Iimage of a tearful Haitian immigrant at his commencement ceremony at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., 2nd Lt. Alix Schoelcher Idrache, went viral after the Army published it.

    In his own words...“Knowing that one day I will be a pilot is humbling beyond words,” Idrache wrote in an Instagram post. “I could not help but be flooded with emotions knowing that I will be leading these men and women who are willing to give their all to preserve what we value as the American way of life. To me, that is the greatest honor. Once again, thank you.”

    Over half a million of our vets are foreign born. Many coming from these “shit-hole,” countries. They make it possible for us to enjoy our many freedoms. This includes the freedom of our draft-dodging, Russia loving, porn-star chasing, US president to use his own mouth like a SHITHOLE.

    I hope you Trumpanzees are satisfied.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    @Simon - good points, I can't really argue against what you've written.

    Perhaps the manpower of building wells, houses, schools, etc. can be done by locals, and we could send qualified men and women to oversee the operation?

    I'd be interested to know what you think about the latter part of my post - cut interest on African countries' debt in exchange for said countries obeying the stipulations I set out ... would some kind of deal along those lines be sensible?

    I'd be interested to hear opinions from sensible posters like yourself, cofty, etc. ...

    I hope you Trumpanzees are satisfied - but Trump doesn't even look like a chimpanzee ... he looks like an orang-utan ... get it right!

  • Driveby
    We all know about Uganda but the punishment for consensual homosexual acts is the death sentence in Mauritania.

    Sorry Pal, that is solely American. The concept of severely punishing homosexuals in African countries was directly imported there by US fundamentalist Christians.



  • LoveUniHateExams

    Sorry Pal, that is solely American. The concept of severely punishing homosexuals in African countries was directly imported there by US fundamentalist Christians - actually no, the concept of punishing homosexuals in Africa long predates US Christian fundamentalism in Uganda.

    Mauritania punishes homosexual men with capital punishment - public stoning to death.

    Two gay women together face imprisonment.

    Both sentences are due to Mauritania being run by Sharia (Islamic law). Mauritania became Islamic long before the US existed as an independent country.

    Please do your research before you embarrass yourself by posting crap ...

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