Is the 'growth™' still being hyped?

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  • redvip2000

    when its realized that the JWS have been proselytizing for over100 years to people's doors, that number becomes even more abysmal.

    Indeed. Almost laughable really. Imagine the one true organization, that has the backing of the same god that created the entire universe, that created humans and deeply understands how we think. Yet, his message and method of distributing it, has only been able to convince 8 million people. Actually, less, since a large majority of these 8 were actually convinced by relatives.

    How incredibly embarrassing for Jehoover, that even the Mormons with about the same amount of time of existence and only a fraction of the time spent on preaching, have been able to grow their ranks to close to double what the Jdubs have.

  • Finkelstein

    The SDA was formed about the same time as the WTS/JWS, somehow there were able to double its membership than the JWS. and this is by no means a large religious organization.

    Seventh-Day Adventist Church logo.svg Classification Protestant Orientation Adventist Polity Modified Presbyterian Polity Region Worldwide Founder Joseph Bates
    James White
    Ellen G. White
    J. N. Andrews Origin May 21, 1863
    Battle Creek, Michigan Branched from Millerites Separations SDA Reform Movement
    (separated 1925, small minority);
    Shepherds Rod - Davidian SDAs
    (separated 1929, small minority) Congregations 74,299 churches,
    67,669 companies Members 18,479,257[1]

  • JW_Rogue
    Lately I've noticed that instead of growth the'll say the work is "speeding up". To me this implies that even if people don't respond the message is getting out to more people faster. This is usually when they are talking about technology or the cart witnessing. Not sure if that is really true, even if it is, it is meaningless if no one cares enough to listen.
  • nonjwspouse

    Well, after 2 + years my 51 year old born in brother in law is finally getting dunked Saturday. I am exceptionally unhappy about this. It means it could spark a change in my husband that could end our marriage, or it could cause a previously carefully planted seed to finally grow. I just wish I knew.

    I dunno, maybe he just wants a wife, as I am sure he will have the pick of the crop if he keeps up the zealous activities. He was married at 16 then divorced a year later. ( Child from the relationship/marriage is his only, and he has 4 grandchildren now) . He never dated again in all those years.

    He's not such a weird fellow, he is nice, generous, sense of humor, maybe a bit odd with mannerisms but not bad looking. I just don't get it unless he refused to ever want a relationship after his first wife ( she was a bit psychotic during those years I heard) he spends each day with his parents, all this time.

    He was inactive completely until about 3 or 4 years ago them boom. During the big campaign to get the "lost ones" back. My husband was sucked in as well. My husband is not going to meetings ( due to my initial intolerance to his attempt to convert me, then my frantic recognition while really learning TTATT that happened in a time of my life when so many other major life events were going on I almost, ( or maybe did ) have a breakdown) , but he told me today he will attend the baptism.

    I am trying with all my might to keep myself from focusing on the worry. I have tried so dam* hard to plant seeds of doubt in his still indoctrinated mind. This will be one big test to see if I wasted all that time. It may draw him right back in. It may not.

    I want to just forget it all. Escape someplace, in my mind or physically.

    Ok I am having a massively bad time right now as might be apparent. Healthwise I hurt all over, constantly. I cry daily. Anxiety is so out of control.... I am making another endocrinologist appt to see if it is organic again.

    Sorry for the rant and hijack.

  • baker
    No evidence of any growth lately, same ol dubs with a few new ones show up, but they never come back, guess they got my TTATT on their web search...
  • DesirousOfChange

    The growth in the membership here has truly been tremendous!

    Image result for music notes

    (All Sing!) Wondrous expansion is now taking place. . . . . Praise be to God . . . .


  • punkofnice
    Even back when I was 'in', there was the question about how many people actually go to the meetings after being contacted in the 'first call work(tm)'.
  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    growth--?--such as:

    drastic cuts in the numbers of kingdumb halls being built or refurbished.

    doing away with district servants. pioneers of bethel staff.

    cutting the pages and frequency of magazines.

  • Finkelstein

    Looks to me that Jah's chariot is slowing down as of late, firering many of his employees, with so many cut backs in his operations but grabbing up as much money as he can for some unknown reason ???

  • eyeuse2badub

    The only real increase is the number of the "anointed". That number must be scaring the "holy sh*t" out of the gb!

    just saying!


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