Two JW`s called at my door today

by smiddy3 39 Replies latest jw friends

  • Iamallcool

    Call the Kingdom Hall that you would like to ask some more questions if you remember their names.

  • LV101

    Smiddy, "and blow me down" lololol. Haven't heard that but so funny.

  • smiddy3

    LV101 ,

    Fill me in on the joke buddy ,i nearly pissed myself laughing at what you responded ?

    Your obviously not an Aussie, eh ?

    I`ve got tears in my eyes from laughing at your response .

  • pale.emperor

    We used to get cautioned about using our phones during meetings and assemblies and we were to always look attentive, now you need to be on your phone to pay attention.

    In my waking up phase I used to be on JWFacts during the meeting. A few times I was even reading a PDF of Crises Of Conscience.

    Nobody was any the wiser.

  • LV101

    smiddy3 - Sorry -- I'm not an "Aussie" I have to say the place is impressive and I"ve never heard, "and blow me down" -- hope it's not naughty!/lol.

    Your land has my fave hairdresser in the world! I have to wait a few mos before he returns to US and I'll even fly into NYC if I have to -- fortunately, he loves the west coast. I'm told you Aussies can't survive the cold weather or have ever experienced it -- the East Coast/Austrailia -- WOW! I love his accent and he's easy to understand.

  • lriddle80

    "One thing I forgot to mention and when I thought about it later it really surprised me . And that is they never offered me any literature at all"

    My dad told me that they just want to have a conversation and don't offer much literature anymore.

  • smiddy3

    smiddy3 - Sorry -- I'm not an "Aussie" I have to say the place is impressive and I"ve never heard, "and blow me down" -- hope it's not naughty!/lol.

    Bugger me dead , LV101 you`ve done it again with your ...hope its not naughty ...... HaHaHa.

    My mind never went their , but we can see what `s on your mind LOL

    Getting back to topic ,

    If I come across either of these women I will challenge them as to keeping there word ,after all it was they who suggested calling back to me.

    And they never did .So how reliable are they with there words.?

  • LV101

    lolololol -- No - really - I assumed it was an innocent saying but I'm shocked daily.

    Bugger me dead - another one -- I love your lines. Ya'll talk so differently than we west coast folks. Bugger is what the English people say, eh!

    I can't believe they didn't return - is the word out (rumor has it) about you as an ex-JW? They could get time easily because you're willing to talk with them - their loss and education!

  • jonahstourguide

    Ha Ha,

    smiddy3 is of a similar generation of Aussies that I am. Bugger was the go to word before F$$k made the scene.

    We would say, 'well I'll be buggered' or "well, he's buggered" 'bugger me dead' and, as it implies it refers to being sodomised till your life ends. However, it has now become "f$$k me dead", Or 'well I'll be f$$$$d' etc.

    It's used now as an exclamation of disbelief.

    And getting back on topic, if they even sniff you might know of what they are all hiding or refusing to accept they will never return.

    I had a similar experience. Ask a pertinent question and they immediately get the 'rabbit in the spotlight' look.


    p.s. Bugger em.

  • smiddy3

    You have a point there jonah , we did have a niece and her hubby here that were full on JW`s but moved away a couple of years ago.

    Maybe before they left they could have alerted the Cong.that we were once active JW`s and to periodically check us out.

    But I would have loved to have asked them about the KI book they published and under the word for word English of the Greek text , where does it say followers of Jesus are to be witnesses of Jehovah .?

    Just show me one text ?.......None ?

    I can show you about 20 texts that show Christians are to be witnesses of Jesus , not Jehovah .in that publication that they base their NWT on.

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