Two JW`s called at my door today

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  • btlc
    Actually, they weren't wrong much. C.T.Russell never planed or intended a "religion" or "organization" like JW.borg, and his belives was quite different than JW's in 1930's and later. Some years after his death, in the 1920's, especially after 1925 fiasco, 3/4 of the Bible Students left "The Watchtower", and the rest (of the rest) received new name, "Jehovah's Witnesses" 1931 by the Rutherford, who has usurpated "The Watchtower" society for personal benefits and promotion and who established "the organization" as we know today. Of course, I doubt that your ladies know anything of the above. I doubt that they even know who is who.
  • Vidiot
    smiddy - "...'that scripture just about sums up human history in any given time'..."

    smiddy - "...'this day and age is the best time in human history overall, given the advances in technology, medical procedures, the overall standard of living being higher'..."

    "...and the fact that you have the health, resources, and freedom to knock on my door and insist otherwise is - ironically - proof."


    I've often wanted to ask, "does the Bible say the world is shitty because it actually is, or is the world shitty because the Bible says so?"

  • Listener

    Some JWs only consider themselves as such from the day of baptism. The older lady has probably been indoctrinated her whole life.

  • Spiral


    There response ? it was true according to their knowledge and understanding of the scriptures at that time .....?

    Maybe you could have asked if when humans thought the earth was flat thousands of years ago, if it was true at that time according to what they knew. Or if otherwise, it's fair to just call it wrong information.

    I agree with redvip. If you're going to believe that "truth" is "truth" because it's what's being taught right now, than anything can be true. The earth is the center of the universe! Kings are directly appointed by God!
    Or....... God just can't his act together.
    Because that's the problem with the JWs. If they don't believe in this "present truth" doctrine, meaning it's true until the GB changes their minds, then really the whole religion falls apart.
    Good job handling that visit! Can't believe they are reading scriptures to people off their phones now.
  • RogueRavenclaw

    Oh yes, everything is digital now. They barely use books at all. The last few times I went to any gathering everyone had a tablet with their literature downloaded.

    They came out with that new song book (and that upset me a lot actually) and then we went to a convention and it was "by the way we have a new song that wasn't printed in the song book, you'll have to download that from jworg" and it seemed like every convention it was "go download this or that" and it was very frustrating to me. I didn't own a tablet. Didn't have a phone with enough space for their apps either. All of that tech was out of my budget. And it made it very obvious who was inactive too, my own mother says "you would know that if you'd been at this meeting" And it seemed like they like that, making you stand out if you're not "plugged in" as it were. But also I knew so many with very little money an they suddenly needed to have a tablet or a Smart Phone and that seemed crazy to expect since so many Witnesses are on limited budgets. We used to get cautioned about using our phones during meetings and assemblies and we were to always look attentive, now you need to be on your phone to pay attention.

  • smiddy3

    One thing I forgot to mention and when I thought about it later it really surprised me . And that is they never offered me any literature at all .

    Not a WT or Awake or even a tract or brochure.?

    Is that normal nowadays ?

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate

    @Smiddy3: Showing a video also counts as a placement now.

  • blondie

    APOSNT (Now I get what your username means)

    Is that only if they show them were to find it online? Just a thought. It is ridiculous no matter how you look at it. I remember when I was a regular pioneer all the definitions of a placement and a return visit they other pioneers used, as well as what could be counted as time.

  • smiddy3

    Just an update ,to my knowledge they haven`t come back yet ,and its been over 9 days and there is always someone at home.

    I wonder why ? maybe I said too much and gave the game away.that I knew too much about the JW`s .

    Then again maybe they have had so many bible studies they have started they just haven`t had time for me .

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    or if they are not supposed to keep records now--maybe they cant remember where you live ?

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