Two JW`s called at my door today

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  • APieceOfShitNamedTate

    @Blondie: At first I was going to call myself Iconoclast, but then I thought someone else may already have that name. I decided to get creative.

    I'm PIMO, and video showings only count if we stand there and show the video to the householder. I try to avoid doing it as much as possible.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i just love the idea of all these PIMO's.. swelling the numbers attending the meetings but would be gone in a flash if they could. what an appalling indictment of this sad cult.

  • Vidiot
    livedeath - "I just love the idea of all these PIMOs swelling the numbers attending the meetings but would be gone in a flash if they could..."

    Makes me wonder if - at some point - they'll outnumber the loyalists, and achieve some kind of weird-AF critical mass...

  • smiddy3

    That`s an interesting point vidiot With all of the newbies that come here being a PIMO and this is just one site .

    I wonder how many other ex JW sites are experiencing the same thing ?

    It`s heartening really ,maybe sometime in the future the religion will implode .

  • joe134cd

    Do you gunna have a bible study with them.

  • blondie

    After 1975, the official numbers of the WTS went down 2% for each of 2 years, 1977 and 1978. But it started to rise again, for a variety of reasons. But even then the WTS had to put an explanation in 1976 and 1980. Check the two together and see how their song was different in 1980.

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    Blondie: "Check the two together and see how their song was different in 1980".

    Let me guess, without peeking -- the 1976 explanation was "current truth". The 1980 version was "New Light".

    Am I right?

  • blondie

    FatFreek2005, well, yes, but the 1976 put the whole blame on the publishers not the GB/WTS. In 1980, the GB grudgingly said they might be partly responsible for the disappointment over 1975. Notice in 1980 though the WTS uses the passive voice to avoid taking direct responsibility. Who else would have written and approved the Life Everlasting book? Who made these statements, the GB/WTS. The whole article in jwfacts is very comprehensive about the timeline regarding GB/WTS statements.

    The Watchtower 1980 March 15 p.17 to p.18 stated:

    "In modern times such eagerness, commendable in itself, has led to attempts at setting dates for the desired liberation from the suffering and troubles that are the lot of persons throughout the earth. With the appearance of the book Life Everlasting-in Freedom of the Sons of God, and its comments as to how appropriate it would be for the millennial reign of Christ to parallel the seventh millennium of man's existence, considerable expectation was aroused regarding the year 1975. There were statements made then, and thereafter, stressing that this was only a possibility. Unfortunately, however, along with such cautionary information, there were other statements published that implied that such realization of hopes by that year was more of a probability than a mere possibility . It is to be regretted that these latter statements apparently overshadowed the cautionary ones and contributed to a buildup of the expectation already initiated.

    In its issue of July 15, 1976, The Watchtower, commenting on the inadvisability of setting our sights on a certain date, stated: "If anyone has been disappointed through not following this line of thought, he should now concentrate on adjusting his viewpoint, seeing that it was not the word of God that failed or deceived him and brought disappointment, but that his own understanding was based on wrong premises." In saying "anyone," The Watchtower included all disappointed ones of Jehovah's Witnesses, hence including persons having to do with the publication of the information that contributed to the buildup of hopes centered on that date.

    Nevertheless, there is no reason for us to be shaken in faith in God's promises. Rather, as a consequence, we are all moved to make a closer examination of the Scriptures regarding this matter of a day of judgment. In doing so, we find that the important thing is not the date. What is important is our keeping ever in mind that there is such a day - and it is getting closer and it will require an accounting on the part of all of us. Peter said that Christians should rightly be "awaiting and keeping close in mind the presence of the day of Jehovah." (2 Pet. 3:12) It is not a certain date ahead; it is day-to-day living on the part of the Christian that is important. He must not live a single day without having in mind that he is under Jehovah's loving care and direction and must submit himself thereto, keeping also in mind that he must account for his acts."

    In its brief discussion of this event, Watchtower's history book Proclaimers makes subtle admission.

    "This later led to the idea — sometimes stated as a possibility, sometimes more firmly — that since the seventh millennium of human history would begin in 1975, events associated with the beginning of Christ’s Millennial Reign might start to take place then." Jehovah's Witnesses

  • smiddy3

    And then the health worker my wife and I were expecting turned up and I had to excuse myself from these 2 JW`s and blow me down they said it was very nice talking to someone who has an interest in religion , can we call back again some other time ?

    I said sure anytime.

    guess what ?

    They have never called back . I was half expecting at least one of them to call back with an Elder , but no it wasn`t to be.

    Its not the religion I used to belong to , that`s for sure.

    Thanks blondie that was one of the chinks in the armour about the year 1975 ,their at first denial of any responsibility blaming it solely on the R&F for reading too much into what was said.

    And later their half hearted response that they may have contributed in some small way for giving the impression that Jesus Christ could start his 1000 year reign from then on.

    And in that proclaimers book , would that be the last time they ever mentioned 6000 years of human history ? And that the 1000 years following that would be Christs reign ,culminating in 7000 years as a creative Day ?

  • Witchettygrub

    smiddy3 don't fret...they'll be back.

    Usual waiting time is 6 weeks. You'll be better prepared for your next 'chat'.

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