Remember when you 1st learned "The Truth"? Want to experience that tingle in a new way?

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  • Terry

    You can't unring a bell once rung.

    You can't unknow nor can you forget being deceived, tricked, lied to and misled.

    The truly awful aftershock of waking up to the 'truth about The Truth' is the death of wonder,

    belief, and absolute certainty that YOU KNOW what life is all about. In fact, for most of us the path is the same.

    We begin investigating our foundational belief system. Instead of looking for which religion or denomination is teaching the "True" truth from the Bible--we do the unthinkable: we investigate the veracity of the Bible instead!

    With great alarm and wonderment our faith and belief crumble before our wondering eyes!
    Not even the Bible is the kind of miracle--the kind of supernatural, pristine roadmap to true knowledge from a heavenly being we always believed.

    What happens after that? We turn to education in all we neglected as we invariably read up on Science, Logic, Philosophy, and such which inevitably trickles down to the pond of Rational Thinking and Humanism.

    Many of us realize there just isn't any Grand Idea behind life; we are all on our own. If there is "meaning" it is because WE put it there. The wonderment, the mystic 'tingle' is dead forever unless we can find meaning in that very act of creating it for ourselves.



    The human intellect is vast when it turns up the power behind imagination and clever resourcefulness.
    Today out of nothing but a boring afternoon of poking around on YouTube I found it!

    What is "it" which I found?
    It is very similar to the crazy, weird and wild ride I had when I was 1st hearing from my Jehovah's Witness buddy all the "secret" information which only those who "Know" explain life in that magical, inside revelation sort of way!

    Yes--it was MADNESS--but, as we all know now (and couldn't know back then) the intricate nonsense which makes the "Truth" begin to sound plausible and then increasingly possible begins and a kind of creepy thrill goes down your spine--right?

    I'm offering you a CREEPY THRILL!

    WHAT IS THAT THING that happens when craziness becomes no longer crazy because it has been explained in a 'certain' way where your rational mind just throws in the towel and your heart beats a little faster?

    Well, I'm going to share it with you because it is so much FUN!!

    Remember, what's great about this is how incredibly stupid it starts being, in exactly the same way as when you heard the named JEHOVAH and then somebody showed it to you in the Bible and it was just wee bit unsettling.

    The Rules
    But there are rules, of course! You can't skip around.
    You have to give up and give in and spend 2 hours of your life!
    If you can't or won't--then skip this altogether.
    Go away and do something profitable--because this is TRULY INSANE, okay?

    Sit and watch this documentary from start to finish.
    Gradually, bit by bit, little by little, you'll begin to get giddy and feel silly until you are hooked--completely hooked.

    But, you can't cheat.
    You cannot just stop and say "That's stupid" because I already told you IT IS STUPID!
    What I found delightful was how wonderfully intricate and well-plotted and sincere it all is!  This is the kind of cult story plotting which can be enjoyed because there is definitely no danger you'll be sucked in to join. However, you find delight in taking the tour--as it were.
    It is so much damned fun I could have delighted in watching people's faces as I told them with total conviction the Earth is FLAT and covered with a Dome!
    Then, I'd begin to explain it all to them in the same way every cult indoctrinates people with silly information until a plot--a GRAND STORY emerges every bit as fascinating as a novel or science-fiction film.

    If you are inclined to do so, here it is.
    IF and ONLY IF you watch all of it please comment. Otherwise, naturally you'll be compelled to ridicule the whole thing. Why wouldn't you? It's totally NUTS in hypnotic, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings kind of silliness which, for me, was just what I needed today :)

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    "I know, I know, it's lunacy."

    He's so right. I could only stomach about 14 minutes of this lunacy though it's past my bedtime.

    I mean he's the soft voice of pseudo-reason uttered by the putrid brain of conspiracy theories.

  • Terry

    I'm not kidding--you REALLY must stay with it because it doesn't go where you THINK it is going.

    This is something different altogether. If you hang in you get a weird thrill at the end.

  • james604
    Hi Everybody, I'm new here...been Awake to TTATT for about 6 months now & enjoy this forum very much. Terry, I've been looking at all the videos about the Flat Earth & find that it is more compelling to believe it than it is to believe that we live on a sphere. To me this has been an eye opener & am finding it more plausible that we are created beings
  • Simon

    How can anyone seriously watch something you know to be bogus?

    It's like writing a thesis on the Time Cube as thought it could be true.

    Edited to add: it looks like the full Time Cube is gone for good, such loss ...

  • Terry
    This is like going to a David Copperfield show and watching the Statue of Liberty disappear. You know it didn't and yet . . . :)
  • Terry
    How can anyone seriously watch something you know to be bogus?


    For me, Simon, it is the way the riddle is proposed with a quiet elegance and careful tone of non-hysteria and j-u-s-t enough tangible shadows-of-doubts that it becomes like working a Crossword Puzzle in which clues are propounded which cause you to stop and reflect on what you know / don't know.

    Please just watch THE BIGGEST LIE video above and you'll see what I mean.
    It's quite a fun lark!

  • ttdtt

    Well.... at least there are people more gullible than JWs.

  • Terry
    Well.... at least there are people more gullible than JWs.

    I'm fascinated by the HOW of how people are seduced, persuaded, convinced against their societally conditioned sense of what's true.

    If somebody is able to get you to consider for one minute any one thing which you are convinced is true / not true AND POINT OUT a DISCREPANCY--it draws you in.

    "How can this be?"

    If you watch the above video all the way through--I guarantee you'll be in a tender position of semi-doubt.
    That is a joyous and giddy thing!
    The off-balance sense of losing your certainty for even a tenth of a second is alluring as hell :)

  • Terry
    We all know Forrest Gump invented the smiley face emoticon, right? Well, what if somebody came along and told you Professor Scott Fahlman, a computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon University was the one who created it in a message on one of Carnegie Mellon’s online bulletin boards at 11.44 a.m. on September 19, 1982?
    Would you snort and laugh or investigate?

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