Where to start?

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  • cat1759

    Welcome to group lookin!

    I'm going to give you a "g" for "introductions that arouse interest", but I want you to work on timing. Your post used up only 38 seconds of your alotted 5 minutes. When the givin theme is "things to bitch about in JWland", the Faithful and Discreet Slave have prepared a bountious feast of well-oiled dishes for bitching fodder.

    great one six!


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  • LeslieV

    Welcome Welcome Welcome Lookin!!!!!!! Those are the exact reasons why I left the borg. My girls are free to be what they want to be. They ARE NOT stepford kids. In fact both girls in college are majoring in women's issues. Makes their JW elder father crazy. Oh they also think the JW's are a cult.

    Glad to have you here you will like it there are alot of nice people here that speak the same language that keeps playing in your head. It takes some time to wash it out of your head.


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