Expensive literature cart operation at Newark airport

by truthseeker 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • ShirleyW

    LV101 - She's not even sitting at a cart! She sits there in her wheelchair just holding up a magazine!!

    Whoever is dropping her off and picking her up should be ashamed of themselves. If she's still being pressured to get her time in, then she should be the one sitting in an airport with some a/c sitting next to big display which is a total waste of money anyway

  • LV101

    Shirley - I agree. Many of those JWs have no conscience but you'd think there'd be one person that would make it better for her. JWs are too concerned about buying more threads for the CO&wife (for points) rather than helping out a needy, aged, soul, (unpopular not part of the clique) in the congregation. She probably can't get around to even shop at the discount stores. I don't think Jesus intended Christians to care for the elderly this way - not that they follow Jesus. They should be taking care of her - at least making sure she has decent, proper, clothing - shelter (out of the heat and properly housed and safe place to do her sales work) food and any necessary medical. That cult freaks me out.

  • Spiral

    @ShirleyW and LV101, an elderly lady in a wheelchair sitting like that is just sad. You would think her congregation would have more common sense than to even allow that ..... wait, what am I saying? They probably think that's just wonderful. Totally lacking in common sense. And you are correct - she may feel pressure to get "her time in".

    I was recently at Denver International, and two JWs were standing just off to the side of the area where you head to check-in for your flight. They were just holding up magazines, and everyone was in such a rush I'm sure no one noticed them.

    Pathetic, really.

  • blondie

    Spiral, I think they were hoping no one noticed them.

    "They were just holding up magazines, and everyone was in such a rush I'm sure no one noticed them."

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