Expensive literature cart operation at Newark airport

by truthseeker 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • tiki

    I really like rickroll's idea the best!! That would be perfect!

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    but that would be theft ! my idea could be great fun. get the ex jw dishing out loads of leaflets to the public--get a few complaints from the airport management.

  • rickroll

    Better yet take all the tracks and put in place a bunch of silent lambs and other apostate material. LOL That would be a great video when the owner returns and sees this.

  • LV101

    rickroll -- hilarious. You've great ideas!

  • LV101

    Yeah, the world needs no more theft for sure. XJWs would need their own display counter next to WTs -- after all they do so well with competition/lol.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    isn't it just a couple of laptops and 32inch tvs?

  • ShirleyW

    So they must now have JW.org vans to drive those displays to the airport.

    I see them doing the set up and breakdown of a full table with the rags on them in some of the subway stations, the table folds up of course, but that has to go in someone's trunk. That set-up needs a van.

    Also I see a foot on the left side of that pic, I'm guessing that's the brother who gets to sit in a fold up chair all day and get his time in. Maybe the sister I see in my nabe in the wheelchair with the swollen legs, who looks absolutely homeless by the way, she's elderly and her clothes look just about like rags, why can't they drive her to the airport and let her sit in some a/c all day instead of in front of the Dollar Store, in 90 degree weather, shouldn't the Elders be glad she's at least trying to get her time in, they should make her comfortable since she obviously can't walk. Who's the "loving servant of Jah" who dumps her out on the street and picks her up everyday in this worst July NYC has seen in long time?

  • redvip2000
    For that monstrosity at Newark Airport must cost approx. between $500.00 to over $1,000.00. And this, folks, is where also some of the R&F's donation $$$$ is going towards!

    Actually i'm willing to bet it's more than that. And I'm pretty certain that the Org requires congregations to purchase these supplies from them. Basically they operate in the same manner as a franchise.

    I've wondered if the new videos set ups at each Kingdom Hall is also purchased from the Org.

  • LV101

    Now that's pathetic/sad about the elderly sister manning cart in front of Dollar Store -- considering her condition. I think that's a good place for their recruits -- nothing wrong with discount stores and everyone picks up odds/ends, etc., but the charlatan crew should at least care/have concern about her - i. e., the congregation team having to provide for basics. The greedy GB wouldn't lower themselves to bother with such a human being much less give her any assistance/aid. Congs only help those part of the clique that are full time pioneers (and their mates whether full timers or not also too lazy to work) - or that's how it worked in the early 90s. The ones too lazy to find a job but resolved not to lose their status in the upper echelon -- elders pimping for them because they were part of the good ole boys' network and wanted to be heroes.

    I'd snap a pose and send to one of the GB - or all of them and post all over social media other than the fact it would hurt the victim of the cult. I wonder how many coins she's tossed into the hogs' trouph.

  • LV101

    Probably more money into the roller-nice looking display counter - special order and all and it's matching screen/display units. Looks like cult went whole hog on a classy-unit.

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