The Preaching Work Is A Scam

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  • minimus

    Preaching about nothing is what this "good news" is all about.

  • Surreptitious

    The Good Noose of the Kingdom?

  • Gordy

    I remember a few years ago a JW brother brought his "bible study" to the "school and service" meeting.

    Afterwards the study was asked what he thought of the meeting. He said "You're trained to sell." Which of course was denied by us. He said we were that the methods he had seen were the same he as a salesman had been taught at seminars. The school he said taught the technique of what to say and how to say it. The school guidebook would make a good sales manual for training his satff. The service meeting was how to put the things learnt in the school into practise. The two hours was nothing more than a seminar on how to sell.

    Well you can imagine how that went down with the rest of us. Yet now when I look back I see how right he was.

    Needless to say that he stopped his study.

  • minimus

    Gordy if the meetings are basically sales meetings to teach Witnesses how to "sell", all I can say is I hope they'd never expect to make their living if they had to in this way. JW's can't explain their product all that well. Many don't even believe what they're "selling". Those demos at the meetings always wind up in a happy ending. The "householder" takes the literature and another placement is made. Well, reality bites out in the field, doesn't it?

  • heathen

    You know one thing that comes to mind is that when they have these demonstrations on placing magazines it seems they always use women I can't remember one time a male member of the religion was seen discussing religion with a "householder". What's up with that ?

  • Hamas

    Minimus, I think its bollocks.

    Excuse my French.

  • waiting

    Minimus........I had to read the subject line twice to reconcile it with your name.

    There was no question mark at the end of the subject line.


  • minimus

    and that's why your name is waiting.....

  • waiting

    well,,,,,,,,,,,,you're going to have to explain how my comment would lead to your "and...." comment.

    I usually don't start threads, so my name's not tied to a seeming kazillion threads which start with a "Do you..." and end with ?

    Your name is tied to a kazillion threads starting with a question.

    Perhaps you've run out of questions?

  • minimus

    Waiting, I believe you were waiting again (for a question), weren't you???

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