The Preaching Work Is A Scam

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  • rocketman

    and bothering them with useless crap probably turns off more potential Witnesses

    Good point runningman.....I know of more people who are annoyed at the jw preaching than those who like it, by far.

  • BluesBrother

    Dont I just agree with what has been said!. When I think of the hours I wasted doing this pointless heart sinks.

    95stormfront, My circumstances and feelings are just like yours . Hey, but at least we saw it in time to stop doing it , The family still waste their time - and think that I am the stupid one.

  • minimus

    Since the "preaching work" entailed Dunkin' Donuts, lunch breaks, hour long breakfasts, etc. it's so obvious to see that this "work" is not all that important. It is NOT lifesaving. It is worthless.

  • Maverick

    Waking people up and talking about God and the Bible is a good way to alienate witnesses from the worldy, "outsiders". Add that to "no Holidays" and a slew of other limitation on interaction and you can see where it is very useful to the J-dud Masters to have the RF go door to door. Plus the books and mags. legitimize the WatchTowers whole existence to the Governments. The J-dud Masters get free labor in the production and distribution of the literature, free labor in their building projects and they get the RF to subsidies all of it. I don't see them wanting to end this gravy train anytime soon! Maverick

  • Stephanus
    When I was mechanically going from door to door, I felt more like a salesman than a lifesaver.

    Here's the Tower take on that:


  • tinkerbell82
    What reaction do Jehovah's Witnesses receive? ...Tthere are always those who appreciate what they hear. "Thank you for coming around and sharing the love of the Lord with others," one woman wrote to a branch office of Jehovah's Witnesses. "That simple act does so very much for others. It truly does a world of good to have someone come by to remind you of spiritual things."

    That's a quote directly from a JW website. now HOW can you say it's all a scam after hearing such an uplifting remark???


  • Winston Smith :>D
    Winston Smith :>D

    One elder told me that the field ministry is more for JW's than for 'worldly' people

    Victorian Sky

    Myself and many others in my KH have said and felt the same way about FS. You’d get into pissing matches with a ‘Trinitarian’ at the door and then we would walk away and say to each other that we felt better about ourselves because we ripped them a new one. Yes, we just ‘proved’ the Troof to, if no one else, at least to ourselves.

    So going door to door is more about hearing yourself talk than to listen to a householder. Oh sure, we are taught to listen to householders, but not for their welfare, but for key words that you can use to show your sympathy for them.

    “Oh you have children, it must be hard now-a-days raising children?”

    “Oh, you have a sickness, it must be hard….”

    “Oh you are unemployed, oh it must be hard…”

    Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Give me a break.

    When I finally stopped Reg Pio’ing, I was thinking while I was out in FS plugging in my 90 [yes, 90, not 70. that’s sooo almost Aux. Pio hours ;P] what good it was doing anyone. No one was getting baptized. A few studied, but then quit. I thought I might as well spend my days making some money instead of doing this unproductive work. I’ll just stick to getting in my ten a month. Hell, that’s all the elder body was doing.

    Oh, and at our last Special Day Assembly, out of 1,200 in the audience, guess how many got baptized?

    One. One grown woman.

    She had to think at least once while sitting there for 30 minutes all by herself, having the speaker talking only at her,

    “Uhh, am I making a mistake here? How come no one else is joining this group with me?”

    Poor woman.


  • ballistic

    Does anyone know if this "keeping the door open to save a few more" is in print anywhere or on the CD ROM?

    The reason I ask is that when compared to the 1 billion global population God would have had to kill in the late 1800s, there is now well over 6 billion. So each year God is going to have to kill more babies.

  • bluesapphire

    Well, all I can say is that Jehovah keeping the door open for more new ones to come in while making the old ones so heartsick that they die or leave makes him look really stupid and incompetent.

    Also, the New System will have lots of Chineese. Much moreso than Americans since the americans are getting an overly thorough witness yet China hasn't gotten any.

  • Kenneson

    Zoewrex wrote: "If Jesus had internet access he would send out his info from home via share or freeware."


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