July 2018 WT points

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  • stillin

    Vaguely titillating. Like, "Hold on everybody! We're going for the ride of your life!"

    Only the spiritual ones will be able to go with the changes. Others will be left in the dust to die like the firstborn of Egypt, who had done nothing wrong in themselves. But Jehovah killed them to make His point. "my way or the Highway."

    Then, nothing happens.

  • Finkelstein

    Do we faithfully follow the latest directions that Jehovah has given us? If so, we will not rely on always doing things the way we have done them in the past. Rather, we will be quick to follow any new direction that Jehovah provides through his organization.

    more brainwashing and mind control ...... like giving money to the organization so we can invest in more buildings. $$$$$$$$$$

  • redvip2000
    If an unmarried couple spend the night together under improper circumstances, would that constitute a sin meriting judicial action? YES!
    Two witnesses not required????????????????

    not a bad point. i'm willing to bet that this "two witness" rule is enforced on an arbitrary basis. In other words, let's say two JWs are seen leaving a motel by a third witness. Now, this third witness goes to the el-drones, these then confront the two JWs. They both deny it. Is nothing done? I have a hard time believing this, but perhaps it's true.

    if it's true, then most witnesses could probably get away with murder if they just deny every accusation. There is rarely two witnesses to anything.

  • purrpurr

    When I was a kid I used to imagine that the gb went into a quiet room where God spoke to them and told them what to put in the magazines etc, I was very disappointed and rather shaken when I learnt that they vote on it.

    I can't see them dropping the reporting of witnessing hours since that's how they identify weak and faded ones. But I can see the 14400 being changed, I note that a number of people here have reported that in the memorial talk there was a mention about the partakers increasing.... maybe that was a stuple hint?

  • hoser

    The best quote is from the article “Who is on Jehovahs side” paragraph 11 warning of bad associations. “Does their speech often include disparaging comments about others?”

    That describes a few elders, elders wives and circuit overseers that I’ve known

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