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  • Are you serious
    Are you serious

    "The Governing Body is neither inspired nor infallible. Therefore, it can err in doctrinal matters or in organizational direction." Even though they're directed by jehovah? Yet they say "obey jehovah", "follow jehovah", yada, yada, yada. Who in their right mind would want to follow those 8 idiots and their mistake prone god? I guess 8,000,000 cult members.

  • slimboyfat

    I see there are prison bars on the front cover: the seige mentality and imagery continue.

    Is the woman in the blue dress meant to be immodest? Really? The mind boggles. And is the guy meant to be wearing, shock horror, tight pants?

    There's no mistaking the backward glance and snear of the brother with glasses: "I'm so spiritually superior to you it hurts".

    I think it might be true they are going to stop reporting time for the ministry. Which also means no annual statistics report. I think they've given up on growth and are focussing on survival.

    Other than that, things are deteriorating financially for Watchtower so rapidly that it may be difficult for them to plan far ahead. They may simply be issuing generalised "you must obey us/Jehovah" statements with abandon to cover all their bases.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Berrygerry - the female in the WT illustration is dressed like an Amish compared to an elder's wife in my last congregation.

    She was about 32 years old, had the looks and figure of a top model - and she knew it. In warm/hot weather, she'd wear clothing which looked as if it had been painted on - with as little paint as possible.

    Likewise, our P.O./CoBE's wife took great delight in wearing very low cut tops in order to exhibit her large cleavage. Elder's wives are a law unto themselves.

  • Xanthippe

    I agree with WakeMe, how can they say they're not inspired or as Jackson put it, not God's representatives on earth, too presumptuous to say that, yet they go into detail on conduct. Don't wear that dress, don't play air guitar, FFS! How can they know what God wants if he doesn't dictate it to them word for word? Why don't the JWs ask this, I did.

  • Vanderhoven7


  • freddo

    The GB are bloated, power hungry, legalistic pharisees loving their cherry-picked, twisted, self serving scriptures in visible scripture-containing cases on TV. Whitewashed graves.

    NO new organisation arrangements come from a desire to be faithful or discreet.

    All they come up with are the old faithful "do more in Kingdom serve-us" plus a ramp up of "sell your hall and give us the money - and then some more" and "wear the right things and dress the right way."

    All else is reacting to outside pressures from a lower income and rising costs from child abuse enquiries and apostates exposing their wicked policies which impact upon their $$$$$ and personal power.

    Speaking for God and denying responsibility when they get it wrong. 4 changes to the "generation" teaching from 1995 tells anyone about their relationship with a higher power.

  • nowwhat?

    Regarding the light gets brighter and progression of bible truths etc. Here's a good point. Tell me one belief we have today that the brothers 100 years ago couldn't handle or were not equipped to comprehend?!

  • lastmanstanding

    Me: Brother elder, how is it that the direction from the GB can be in error, aren’t they a channel to God?

    Elder: Well, they are imperfect and can make a mistake.

    Me: The direction that they get is from Jehovah, correct?

    Elder: Yes, absolutely.

    Me: Is that direction ever in error?

    Elder: Never!

    Me: So if the GBs direction was ever in error, how did that error get in there?

    Elder: Because the GB is imperfect.

    Me: So the GB gets perfect direction from Jehovah and then passes it off to us with flaws... they taint it with their own ideas?

    Elder: Well, they ... I....

    Me: So they don’t purposely take perfect divine direction that they were given and alter it with imperfections, do they just forget what they heard or allow their own opinions to overwhelm Gods messages?

    Elder: Well, they are not perfect... and you...

    Me: Did Moses ever allow his imperfections to change the message that he was charged with conveying to Israel?

    Elder: The GB is not Moses.

    Me: That sounds like apostasy as the Watchtower has time and again compared words like yours to the “sons of Korah” in the articles comparing the GB to Moses.

    Elder: You are a troublemaker and sound apostate.

    Me: I sound apostate? You are the one who contradicts the Watchtower when it compares the GB to Moses.

    This conversation never happened, not to me, at least not yet. But it makes the point.

    The JWs will travel in the dub circle ⭕️ round and round they go. Like a tall man running through the dining room to the living room to the kitchen and then the dining room, over and over and over... and there’s that one low doorway. They bludgeon themselves on it every go round, but they don’t stop.

    Each lap results in deeper wounds and more blood on the lintel.

  • truthlover123

    Inspired..anointed...direct from God..

    Mistakes with generation, mistakes with 1914 and 1919

    Mistakes with 1975

    mistakes with blood - now allowed parts of blood- how many died?

    Scripture says - a prophet's word is true or else it is not from God--NOT from GOd!!!!!

    No inspiration, no anointed by HS, no direct from God... therefore

    8 men playing a big mind game on millions

  • undercover
    Sister Slit-Skirt looks pretty hot.
    I think there's some wife-envy goin' on in the WT illustration-station.

    Please don't make me go to the JW website to see these photos. (hint hint, someone cut & paste the article and photos.. not just Sister Slit-Skirt. Curious to see the air guitarist as well)

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