July 2018 WT points

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  • stuckinarut2

    Perfectly said @wake me!

    Well said indeed!

  • sir82

    Sister Slit-Skirt looks pretty hot.

    I think there's some wife-envy goin' on in the WT illustration-station.

  • lastmanstanding
    • If it’s possible that the ‘direction’ from the Slave can “err”, then that is because it was the Slave’s direction and not God’s, and thus should be ignored.
    • If the ‘direction’ is Jehovah’s direction through, or via, “the Slave” then there can be no error in the direction, as God is perfect. It would then be a case of the direction not being faithfully relayed to God’s congregation, in which case the direction should be ignored.
    • Who really is the faithful... Slave. If a Slave has produced error and has not given God’s direction faithfully, then he is NOT a faithful Slave. Error is not faithfulness. The eight little gods in Warwicktown claim to be more than men, they claim to be faithful repeaters of the divine will. There is no room for error in this claim. If there is error, it is their own and they are not faithful.
    • God gave those Watchtower leaders perfect direction and they failed to convey this faithfully???
  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    Drop 1914? Drop literal number 144,000? Start tithing?

  • mikeflood

    I put my bet it's about changes in preaching. There's no anymore pressure to get off literature, so preaching could be informal. No more counting hours and other stuff. Saves a lot of bureaucracy at headquarters too. You could be active or inactive. Just saying.

  • Listener

    The claim that new direction comes from Jehovah is incredible, how can these guys sleep at night?

  • millie210
    Not an elder's wife.
    She has it all in immodest dress - hem above the knee, slit, plunging neckline, and no sleeves.
    He has side-shaved hair, square tie, no jacket, sleeves rolled up, and pants too tight.
    A ToMo special.

    AND....they are holding hands. In the kingdom hall.

    oh. my.

  • Crazyguy

    I like how they blowveate how they are speaking for Jehovah yet in an interview with the lead attorney one of the GB admitted to not being able to speak to Jesus his mediator between him and his god.

  • FedUpJW

    Drop literal number 144,000?

    I have thought that was going to happen eventually. My opinion is that "nu-lite" will be old light re-hashed, and there will be at least THREE groups of JDubs. One group, the chose little flock going to heaven to sit with Jeebus, the "great crowd" in heaven, as Revelation says, and an un-numbered bunch of "other sheep"...just ripe for shearing....

  • careful

    My 2¢:

    Maybe Sour Grapes is right about tithing officially starting. Or possibly the GB are preparing the R&F for the coming child abuse fiasco scandal. If the local elders and even the GB start to come under widespread/heavy media scrutiny or even criminal prosecution, the GB may be preparing the R&F for viewing all this as persecution, and this higher profile "trust us" hype would have its greatest application then.

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