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  • Valis

    I say "Up With Skirts and Down With Pants!"


    District Overbeer

  • obiwan

    Yeah, let's see what ya got. Thong, bikini, granny panties, boxers...nothing!

  • waiting

    you would.

  • Panda

    Valis, as a photographer maybe you've got some Assembly photos to share?

  • Lapuce

    Well true that Jesus wore skirts he also had a beard, how come that wearing a beard is bad then by the watchtower standards??? Jesus did so why can't we since we are following his example???


  • wasasister

    TeeJay, I'm curious about your comment:

    Besides, wearing pants to religious meeting is disrespectful, IMO. I passed a church the other day and saw men and women dressed as if they were going to the bowling alley. Even though I'm not a believer, I think a certain decorum should be used when going to ANY house of worship.

    The JW standard used to be, Business Dress. In other words, what would you wear to a job interview in an office situation.

    These days, a well-tailored slacks suit would be respectful and perfectly appropriate for any business setting. I'm not talking about Gap Khakis, but nice pleated slacks. What difference is there between that, and a skirt?

    I agree that for certain occasions, eg: weddings and funerals, casual attire is not acceptable. But a woman wearing a wool-blend pant outfit from Nordstrom? What if her legs are less-than-perfect?

    This rule is as antiquated as the one on slit-skirts.

  • Xena

    I enjoy wearing dresses, heels and hose....freak that I am although they do tend to be a bit different looking from the ones I wore to the hall

    I agree with teejay regarding "church attire". If you are going to engage in worship I believe a certain decorum should be shown.

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