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  • In_between_days

    I had this argument with my JW mother not long ago. She said the reason why women do not wear skirts to the meetings is that newcomers to the halls may get confused as to who has the headship in the congregation and may think that women have an authoritive position. LOL

  • tinkerbell82

    omg thats hilarious!!!!!!!!!!

  • Swan
    The distinction between the sexes is of divine origin and the law set forth at Deuteronomy 22:5 served to preserve that distinction.

    LOL! Obviously neither God nor the WTBTS have ever heard of intersexed people, i.e. hermaphrodites. Even though this is a rare condition, it occurs regularly in a percentage of the human and animal population.


  • Swan

    I just had another thought.

    Blue jeans were invented by Levi Strauss during the California gold rush. So if God didn't want us to wear denim, he wouldn't have put gold in California.

    (I think this logic makes as much sense as that of the WTBTS, don't you?)


  • avengers
    You'll never see me wear a skirt either, makes me feel uncomfy.

    I bet I know why you ladies are supposed to wear skirts. The old fogies up in Bethel never get to see
    anything, so they sit in their little room at conventions with binoculars and check through the crowds.
    At the end they compare notes. How many beaver-shots did you get?

  • smurfette

    I also thought the unwritten but definitely spoken skirt rules were wierd. Kinda like the men with facial hair phobia they seem to have. We had an elder who used to make the young girls kneel on the floor and if your skirt didn't touch the floor when you knelt it was too short! What a crock. We were also made to wear dresses/skirts in up to -40 F. flat tempuratures when out door to door. Brrr! We used to wear long johns under our skirts, rolled up over our sorel pack boots, quite the fashion statement!

  • D8TA


    How stupid is it, that if you have a choice as to your clothing....that the rest think you to be "different" or straight up "wrong"?

    How about a suit?

    I haven't had one in 17 years.

  • LittleToe

    That's for me to know, and anyone else to find out

  • teejay

    >>>> I like the way my legs look in a skirt. -- Robdar

    And there it is. I got NO PROBLEM with that JW rule unless we're talking about field service and cold weather. And I bet most women prefer skirts, too. I know what a nice looking pair of legs look like! :)

    Besides, wearing pants to religious meeting is disrespectful, IMO. I passed a church the other day and saw men and women dressed as if they were going to the bowling alley. Even though I'm not a believer, I think a certain decorum should be used when going to ANY house of worship.

  • mouthy

    Bikerchic! if the women did what YOU suggest they would MAKE it mandertory for the skirt wearing enforcement- Dont forget those old men havent seen a pussy!!!( or have they????/

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